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ming+ming yoga

with Justyna



8pm et | 5pm pt

ming+ming yoga with Justyna is slow and intentional reconnecting your body and breath.

Read Justyna's Bio

"Justyna has a gift for creating a warm and nurturing atmosphere where every student feels comfortable and welcomed. Each class is thoughtfully planned, leaving me feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and more connected to both my body and mind."

- Chikako K.

ming+ming meditation with Laurie

Headshot 2022_edited.jpg


8pm et | 5pm pt


ming+ming meditation with Laurie is pet inclusive and incorporates nature, animals and healing.


"Laurie's energy work through her guided meditations has allowed my pets and I to connect on a deeper level and relax together. After each session we are happily zen'd out!"

- Chloe S.

ming+ming meditation

with Ming-Wai



8pm et | 5pm pt

ming+ming Meditation with Ming-Wai is grounding and focuses on self-love and acceptance.


"Ming-Wai not only teaches meditation skills, but she also holds a safe space for discussion that has helped me go deeper in my healing issues and blocks."

- Holley M.

"I'm 73, did the first class and it definitely helped my lower back immediately. I'm a total beginner at yoga and highly recommend it."


- Maddie B.



FREE for ming+ming members

Saturdays, July 6, 13, 20, 27

at 5pm eastern | 2pm pacific


4 classes for $75 if you register by 6/29.


Unlock the Power of Mindful Reparenting

Sunday, September 8

10am-1pm eastern | 7-10am pacific


FREE for ming+ming members

This workshop is for you if...

  • You grew up with parents who were inconsistent or inattentive to your needs

  • You struggle with self-doubt, fear, perfectionism, self-judgment, shame, anger, people-pleasing, overthinking, or “not enoughness”

  • You get taken over by your emotions or stuff them and react in ways you later regret

Registration opens in July.

no regrets

Learn Skills to Make Decisions with

No Second Guessing

Sunday, October 6

noon-3pm eastern | 9am-noon pacific


FREE for ming+ming members

This workshop is for you if...

  • You have anxiety about if you made the right decision or not

  • You struggle with self-doubt and fear that you're disappointing someone because of a choice you made 

  • You catch yourself playing hypothetical scenarios in your head trying to make the best decision but still aren't sure

Registration opens in August.

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More ming+ming workshops + events coming soon.

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ming+ming classes

FREE for ming+ming members
Try a class pass: 2 weeks for $40

ming+ming workshops + events 

Up to $150 savings
 for ming+ming members

ming+ming coaching 

15% savings for ming+ming members


ming+ming signature session
unleash your potential with 
they unique 2-part coaching experience

"Before my coaching sessions, it felt like I was stuck in a rut with life drama and couldn’t see any way out. Ming-Wai and Ming-Cee broke me out of my stuckness, gave me understanding and feeling so I could get out of my rut. This sounds so trite, but I really mean life is easier. It is lighter. Things don’t push my buttons like they used to because I know how to disarm them. I am enjoying my life more and I can breathe easier."

— Holley M.


1-on-1 coaching with Ming-Wai
get clarity + confidence with reiki energy, tarot, or akashic records

"I LOVED my session with Ming-Wai! Working with her is extremely powerful and she truly does have a gift. She confirmed so much of what I've felt in my Deep Knowing - and gave truly loving guidance around things that are hard for me, from the most Divine, Gentle and Selfless place. Her wisdom, curiosity, experience, and openness make it a wonderful combination to experience, and I feel honored that I got to work with her! Will definitely be back for more!"

— Miracle M.


meet our team

1-on-1 coaching with Laurie
connect with your pet through reiki and intuitive coaching

Interested in connecting with your fur baby on an energetic level?

Are you concerned about the health of your pet?

Laurie connects deeply with animals through reiki energy.

She can help you gain deeper understanding of what's happening with your pet and help them heal.


1-on-1 coaching with Ming-Cee
get step-by-step guidance and deeper understanding

Are you feeling stuck in your career or relationship?

Are you concerned about what you're meant to do next?

Ming-Cee has a gift for giving it to you straight. 

She can help you gain deeper understanding of what's happening in your life and how to move forward with confidence.


+ teacher

Ming-Wai (she/her)

There was a time where Ming-Wai was leaning into her professional working-mom life while silently suffering from burnout and anxiety. Her do-it-all mentality was a point of pride, but her intuition and health issues were telling her that she wasn’t on the right path.


With help from her sister, husband, and friends, Ming-Wai started a personal growth journey that would lead her to become a certified yoga teacher, meditation coach, and energy worker using reiki, crystals, tarot and akashic records. Now she finds more satisfaction in her life with the help of her tools to set emotional boundaries, to align her energy with her goals, and to let go of things she no longer needs. 


As the co-founder of ming+ming, she shares her gifts to guide people through times of change, transition, and transformation. In her day job, she is the Program Manager for Mindful NOAA, an employee resource group that provides daily mindfulness sessions and mindful leadership training supporting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 



Ming-Cee (she/her)

Not too long ago, Ming-Cee accepted that she was suffering from chronic pain compounded by postpartum depression. She suffered in silence for decades, hiding her physical exhaustion from friends and family insisting that she was fine. When she hit rock bottom, her personal growth journey started by documenting her deep inner experiences working through mental and emotional blocks. In conjunction with traditional and non-traditional tools, she started healing from the inside out and although the struggle is still very real, this journey has given her the gift to rediscover and redefine her true self again.


As the co-founder of ming+ming, she developed the 11 steps to change your life in order to help others take small steps at a time to achieve lasting change. She shares her gift as a patient, empathetic, and supportive coach because she has been there and feels passionately that we all deserve to enjoy the life we work so hard to create.



Justyna (she/her)

Justyna was first introduced to yoga through books because there were no yoga studios in her hometown in Poland. In 2007, she moved to the United States and was thrilled to find so many opportunities to practice yoga and studied with various teachers in the DC area. She found her passion for the pelvic floor by having experience recovering from a back injury and healing from childbearing.  

As a post-partum doula and with a masters in philosophy, Justyna effortlessly blends healing practices and spiritual traditions into her class to create a nonjudgmental environment that allows for self-healing and growth. Each week, she guides her students to engage deep core muscles through breathwork and at a gentle pace.  

Headshot 2022_edited.jpg


Laurie (she/her)

Laurie Gates is an energy healer and artist. She consults with Wabi Sabi in Chicago and directs the Ahimsa project, a collaboration of people and small businesses healing the Earth through themselves.


She guides individuals holistically to help them recover from trauma and illness, and guides small businesses through eco-design. A lifetime yogi and Reiki master, she does energy work as part of her practice. Her artwork is the alchemy of this energy. Ahimsa art is designed to create peace.


Her work with ming+ming meditation combines energy healing through the chakras and nature-inspired healing guidance. These guided meditations include a round robin to discuss meditation experiences and progress, and are a community as well as a practice.

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