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video journal

This absolute gem of an advice was recommended to me by multiple people and has been confirmed as a priceless tool in many different forms. I believe this is the same intentions when someone suggest you start to journal. I do journal and it is also part of my healing journey, but starting a video journal has been the tool that serves best most of the time because of my lifestyle.  


My mind races at a million miles an hour, so writing my thoughts down as quickly as they come is near damn impossible. With video journaling I can do it quickly, sometimes I just need to get a thought or a feeling out so I can move on. It lets me talk through my problems and helps me put my feelings into words. It’s quick and convenient to start a therapeutic habit since I almost always have my phone on me vs my journal and a pen.

With the many benefits I receive from video journaling, I would say the largest benefit I have received is truly reflecting on how far I have come and proof that the work I put in does have rewards that are greatly impacting the quality of my life. It’s the elixir to the push I need to keep on going and it has helped me shift the motivation and desire of the hard work that needs to be done. That’s priceless to me.

Image by Cristina Zaragoza

social media detox

I believe this had one of the largest and immediate impacts to my first few steps of my healing journey. The outside noise made it very difficult, if not impossible, for me to start to try to pinpoint my own voice. One of the ways I realized I had to get off social media was because of how I felt after using it.  


Instagram was my go-to and I realized it would leave me with feelings of jealousy, confusion, hurt, and a lack of worth for where I was in my life. These were not ALL the feelings I had, I did enjoy Instagram for other reasons, however, Instagram is a tool, and I should only be using it if I’m enjoying it or find it helpful and resourceful in positive ways.  


It is without doubt that my 1.5 years off social media did wonders for my mental and emotional health. I even believe I would be still off it if I wasn’t starting this business! But that’s the challenge and what we call life. I am now on a new journey discovering how I can use Instagram as a tool for business and still find balance in my life.

Image by Laura Chouette


I had no clue that reiki even existed when my sister told me about it and was on her way to becoming a master.  I received sessions as she practiced her craft. I knew after my first session with her that my sister had a gift. I couldn’t explain it but I knew it.

I have received multiple reiki sessions from my sister, in-person and distance.  I have also received reiki from someone locally as well.  Both gave me peace and empowered me to keep working toward my goals.

Specifically, reiki has helped me get over the “tough” spot on my journey.  The things that are deep, dark, sticky and hard to let go of.  I’ve named them my “preeeeeecioussss” (hello Lord of the Rings fans out there) and these are my chronic bad habits that are chiseled into my subconscious, the ones I just can’t seem to shake.  The aching pain caused by a loved one that I can’t quite seem to forgive.  A missing piece in my soul from the loss of someone irreplaceable.  Reiki has helped me process, heal and move forward.  It’s hard to put into words but, when I get stuck on my healing journey, reiki has helped me clear my own way.


There are many different types of reiki out there so please don't hesitate to contact us so we can guide you in the right direction if reiki sounds like something you'd like to explore.

Reiki Treatment
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