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step 5: let it flow + let shit go

Mental real estate. When supply is low and demand is high, the price goes up.

When a single issue consumes the majority of our mental capacity, it doesn’t leave much room for anything else and that can lead to costly collateral damage. Sometimes these repetitive thoughts/ plans/ justifications/ lectures/ bitchouts invade our minds without warning and we don’t even realize we’re consumed once again.

But the fact of the matter is that when we are working on our personal growth journey, the chatter of these hypothetical scenarios only distracts us from the healing and growing necessary to live our lives with ease, confidence, and enjoyment. We need as much mental real estate as we can get to face the challenges and struggles that come with life and to stay present to enjoy the many blessings we already have.

Our mental real estate is one of our biggest investments so we must be critical of what we decide to fill that space with. It’s time to Marie Kondo our minds. If it doesn’t spark joy anymore, then it’s time to give gratitude and get rid of all the shit that we no longer need that still clutters our minds. It’s time to let it flow + let shit go.

Step 5 is where we start to see the tangible benefits to all the hard internal work of the foundational steps 1-4. When we can truly start to let things go instead of just wishing we could, we begin to open up the possibilities we once told ourselves were impossible.

It sounds euphoric to let go of burdens that have weighed heavy on our lives after so many years, but it’s not as simple as placing it in a box marked “donations.” It’s more of a long, steady process with triggers along the way reminding us there’s more work to be done, but we can help.

ming+ming classes are designed to help you Marie Kondo your mind to get back that expensive mental real estate so you can truly let shit go and live a life of flow.

HOW to actually let things go starts with strengthening the belief in ourselves. We must get back in touch with our values and evaluate if we are living in alignment with our actions. We must be able to define healthy boundaries and be honest about honoring them. In order to accomplish these difficult and challenging tasks, we have to pause our busy lives and prioritize slowing down, quieting the noise, and checking in with ourselves. ming+ming classes are your scheduled pause every week.

Our classes are virtual on purpose because they are meant to be taken in the space you feel the most comfortable in, wearing what feels good on your body without the hassle of leaving the house. Our virtual platform gets rid of the judgment, comparison, and insecurities that can fill our mental real estate when we’re taking in-person classes. The commitment to your personal growth journey is as efficient as logging into class and finding acceptance, forgiveness, grace, and self-love, which are the exact ingredients to truly let shit go.

It takes time to sift through all the clutter, to prioritize and organize what should stay and what should go. It takes work but in the end, it’s always worth the investment. As you continue to show up to these intentional pauses every week, you will be reassured of your values quicker, respond within your boundaries easier, and let go of other people’s expectations faster.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed or bombarded with a particular struggle that is sucking up all of your mental real estate and you’re ready to start tidying up, sign up to start a 2-week free trial and take the next step to let it flow + let shit go.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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