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we're annoying

photo by Po Chi Fung

We get it.

We’re annoying to someone who desires change in their lives but also feels like they are stuck on a carnival ride with no exits. Someone who still believes that change happens externally by waiting for something or someone else to change first. Someone who is at the beginning of their healing journey and terrified to take the first steps into the unknown.

“There’s nothing more annoying to an imbalanced person than a balanced person.”

- Ming-Cee said to Ming-Wai

And rightfully so. Because change is hard, change is scary, and change is uncomfortable. So anyone who’s not ready to make hard changes will be annoyed as hell by those who are.

The tips, tricks, and friendly reminders of how we can “take better care of ourselves'' are annoying when we are not in a place to receive them.

You can take your tofu scramble recipe and shove it up your ass.

Wake up earlier in the morning and start my day with meditation? Tell that to my kids.

Join a gym? Tried that.

Tips on nightly mouth taping. Say What?!

Suggestions to work on myself? Sounds like a “you” problem.

We all know there are things we can incorporate into our lives that will help us feel better, be more present, and be grateful for everything we have. But the time, the money, the energy that it takes to execute these changes is exhausting to think about, let alone actually incorporating it in our routine. Who has time to add more to our lives when it’s already breaking at the seams?

But what we’ve discovered through our own healing journeys is that there are steps to getting ourselves the help we need, which allows us to actually enjoy the lives we work so hard to create.

Starting in February, our newsletters will feature monthly themes highlighting one of the 11 steps we’ve created to help ourselves get unstuck. These steps have been a successful strategy to get us moving forward with confidence vs succumbing to our negative reel.

We created ming+ming for us because we understand first hand how frustrating, confusing, expensive, and tiresome the healing journey can be. Being in the thick of our own journeys, we understand the annoyance of untrusted or unsolicited advice, feeling overwhelmed with all the confusing options, and feeling defeated when things don’t seem to be changing fast enough. We know how it feels to stay on autopilot, stuck in the fear of: “yeah but what if…?” and gripping tight onto our old bad habits.

We are two sisters, very much on two unique journeys, and continue to discover things about ourselves and each other along the way. The weekly newsletters follow our 11-step process by sharing our stories and connecting with anyone who may be on a healing journey of their own. We offer weekly classes to provide an easy way to consistently show up and practice life skills we rely on every day to make better decisions. The tools on our tools page are things that work for us but are suggestions for you, allowing you to pick which ones spark a natural interest so you can use them when the time is right (you’ll know when). And our unique coaching sessions pinpoint the root of your stuckness and we provide one-on-one guidance to help you move forward with your own next steps in confidence.

Come follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we share our 11-step process on how we continue to get ourselves unstuck. You will use these steps over and over as your healing journey twists and turns and when you inevitably get thrown off the wagon (but don’t worry, we’ll be here to help you get back on again). And be sure you are subscribed to our newsletters and check your inbox on Mondays.

If you already find us annoying, it gets worse. But if you have found there are parts of your life that make you feel imbalanced, off, or stuck, then keep coming along with us on our healing journeys. We provide you with the steps to get unstuck so you can enjoy the life you work so hard to create.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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