Yoga by the Pool


It’s not what you think it is.


Our modern definition of yoga

focuses on poses, breathing, lululemon.

And while we love all those things,

yoga is really all about showing up.


We show up.

We move.

We connect.

We feel.

We pause.


When you’re a busy working mom, 

the pause is the first step to lasting change.

The pause is our check-in with ourselves.

The pause feels weird in our modern world.

And that’s why yoga is the pause we all need.

You may be saying...
“I’m not a yoga person”
“I tried it and didn’t like it”
“I don’t have time for this”

Yoga isn’t about checking off a box.
Yoga is about showing up for yourself.
Yoga is a tool, a practice, and a new habit
because you deserve a f*cking break.

Let’s start connecting with our body.
Let’s discover our voice again.
Let’s enjoy reconnecting with ourselves.
The pause is the first step.

We’ll see you in class.


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