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transform your life in 11 steps

guiding you through your personal growth journey so it’s less confusing, less overwhelming, and more accessible

Is lack of time, energy, and money keeping you from living the life you want?

Is the wellness industry overwhelming and you're confused about where to start?


Have you been searching for a community that you can trust and grow along with? 


We have been there. 

You are not alone. 

We are here to help.


Take our 5-question quiz to discover your next step. It will only take a minute (promise!)

we have a plan for you


Gain the confidence that you are investing your time, energy, and money in the right direction. 

We built this personal growth platform to bring all of the resources, tools, and a supportive community into one place.

We are here to guide you because you deserve to enjoy the life you work so hard to create.

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Do you have 1 minute to invest in your future self?

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transform your life

Everything ming+ming offers meets you where you’re at. All you have to do is show up.

you are closer than you think


We have been there. 

ming+ming was born from our personal struggles and the path we found through them.


In the beginning we felt lost, discouraged, and hesitant to buy something that had no guarantee of even working. We’ve battled with depression, anxiety, denial, self-doubt, and a debilitating fear of the unknown, but now we know it’s all for a bigger purpose.  

We created ming+ming to bring all of the resources, tools, and a supportive community into one place. Our personal growth platform provides clarity around your struggles, which pinpoints exactly where to start when you’re ready for real change in your life. 

We'll tell you where to start in 1 minute.

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why the 11 steps work

foundational steps

Steps 1-4 teach you how to stay grounded when you’re spiraling and keeps you moving forward when you’re stuck. These are the steps we come back to when we lose our footing.

What's your next step?

action steps

Steps 4-8 turn your foundation steps into behavioral change. This is a time to explore, experiment, and learn what tools work for you and what doesn’t work without judgment.

What's your next step?

change + engage steps

Steps 8-11 give us the first glimmers of real change and sometimes it’s welcome and sometimes it’s scary. We encourage little changes that can lead to significant shifts. It’s time to engage with this new and improved version of you!

What's your next step?

Testimonial from
Erin R.

For so long, I had been trying the suggestions that other people offer along my journey and felt it was a shortcoming on my part that they just weren't working.  I was actually told by "professionals" that I'm just not trying hard enough or not giving things a chance.  In connecting with Ming-Wai and Ming-Cee, I've discovered how to find the advice within the advice that will trigger the discovery of what I need on my own personal journey.

Testimonial from
Elizabeth W.

ming+ming has given me a totally new way of viewing things in my life, and the yoga, meditation and new "pod" have enabled me to address long-held patterns.

Image by Alessio Billeci

yoga for inner core


8pm et | 5pm pt

Pet Meditation Image.jpg

pet meditation


8pm et | 5pm pt

Image by Katie Moum

ming+ming meditation


8pm et | 5pm pt

we meet you where you are

It's hard to show up when life gets busy
 and that's why ming+ming makes it easy.

All our packages include 24/7 access to the video library of all our weekly classes.


Join our live online classes to find an inclusive and supportive community. 

Integrate the 11 steps to change your life into your weekly routine with our classes.


No matter where you are in your growth journey, all you have to do it show up consistently in order to find the change you're seeking.

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