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Are you feeling stuck?

Is it easier to just keep doing what you're doing instead of changing your routine?


We have the steps to help move you forward with confidence so you can enjoy the life you work so hard to create.

Are you ready?

It all starts with an investment in yourself.

Can you invest 1 hour per week?
Can you squeeze in 2 hours per week?
Are you worth this investment?
Yes. You absolutely are.


step one:

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follow along as we walk you through the ming+ming 11-step process to discover the root of why you feel stuck and how to live a more balanced life

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small steps are still steps so our classes are designed to squeeze a pause into your busy week and incorporate the ming+ming process into your schedule

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when you're ready for real change, our ming+ming signature session is a unique 3-month investment to pinpoint the root cause of your stuckness and coach you forward with confidence


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we share our tools, stories, and our process to counterbalance your crazy schedule, burnout, frustration and exhaustion. 

you are ready to enjoy the life you work so hard to create

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"The newsletter and words are hilarious, thought-provoking, and USEFUL... literally the only newsletters that I read from beginning to the end and actually go back to from time to time."
- Po Chi F.


It was terrifying when we first started our healing journeys. The unknowns, the what ifs, and the fear that the hard work wouldn’t pay off made us tighten the grip on our old habits. 

You may be questioning if it’s even worth all the effort.

Yes. It’s worth it.
Yes. You are ready.


Small steps are still steps

Explore what works for us so you can discover what works for you.



"ming+ming has given me a totally new way of viewing things in my life, and the yoga, meditation and new 'pod' have enabled me to address long-held patterns."
- Elizabeth W.


yoga for sleep

Got occasional insomnia?

Train your nervous system to calm down and stop reacting to triggers (like your to-do list)


yoga for inner core

Tinkle when you sneeze? Strengthen your pelvic floor to decrease back pain and help your posture too. 


m+m meditation

Got a chattery mind?

Turn down the chatter by meditating with the support of the ming+ming community.

1-on-1 coaching

our unique one-on-one coaching gets to the root cause of your stuckness so you can move forward 


"Doing the ming+ming classes regularly can change your life. You are in charge of your healing, and these classes can make it easy. Sometimes the only 'me' time I have in a day is this class. So I am incredibly grateful."
- Laurie G.