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Ming-Wai Merschat

There was a time where Ming-Wai was leaning into her professional working-mom life while silently suffering from burnout and anxiety. Her do-it-all mentality was a point of pride, but her intuition and health issues were telling her that she wasn’t on the right path.


With help from her sister, husband, and friends, Ming-Wai started a personal growth journey that would lead her to become a certified yoga teacher, meditation coach, and energy worker using tarot, crystals, and reiki. Now she finds more satisfaction in her life with the help of her tools to set emotional boundaries, to align her energy with her goals, and to let go of things she no longer needs. 


As the co-founder of ming+ming, she shares her gifts to guide people through times of change, transition, and transformation.

ming+ming meditation

thursdays @ 8pm eastern 

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one-on-one coaching

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Ming-Cee Ryan


Not too long ago, Ming-Cee accepted that she was suffering from chronic pain compounded by postpartum depression. She suffered in silence for decades, hiding her physical exhaustion from friends and family insisting that she was fine. When she hit rock bottom, her personal growth journey started by documenting her deep inner experiences working through mental and emotional blocks. In conjunction with traditional and non-traditional tools, she started healing from the inside out and although the struggle is still very real, this journey has given her the gift to rediscover and redefine her true self again.


As the co-founder of ming+ming, she developed the 11 steps to change your life in order to help others take small steps at a time to achieve lasting change. She shares her gift as a patient, empathetic, and supportive personal coach because she has been there and feels passionately that we all deserve to enjoy the life we work so hard to create.

one-on-one coaching

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Cheryl Coon, Ph.D.


Cheryl is a recovering overachieving perfectionist. She turned to yoga in 2010 as a source for peace in her life as her dad was battling cancer. After practicing yoga for a decade for the physical benefit, the true value of yoga became apparent when she learned that yoga has the ability to train the nervous system to resist reacting to triggers. 


With a doctorate in psychology, Cheryl shares her passion for restorative yoga with her students and creates a safe environment for the body to escape from the stress state and drop into a state of relaxation and replenishment. Each week, she teaches her students how to quiet their sympathetic nervous system and drop into deep rest.

yoga for sleep

mondays @ 8pm eastern 

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Justyna Sadlowska


Justyna was first introduced to yoga through books because there were no yoga studios in her hometown in Poland. In 2007, she moved to the United States and was thrilled to find so many opportunities to practice yoga and studied with various teachers in the DC area. She found her passion for the pelvic floor by having experience recovering from a back injury and healing from childbearing.  


As a post-partum doula and with a masters in philosophy, Justyna effortlessly blends healing practices and spiritual traditions into her class to create a nonjudgmental environment that allows for self-healing and growth. Each week, she guides her students to engage deep core muscles through breathwork and at a gentle pace.  

yoga for inner core

wednesdays @ 8pm eastern 

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