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Hi again!

We are Ming-Wai and Ming-Cee.

We created ming+ming to support you.
But honestly, we created it to support us too.
The details of our individual journeys are very different.
But we both know the feeling of being stuck
and not knowing the next steps moving forward.


We also know that you’re busy.
You have a million things on your plate.
People are depending on you.
And that’s exactly why it’s so important to invest
your precious time and energy into your wellness.

Can you invest 1 hour per week?
Can you squeeze in 2 hours per week?
Are you worth this investment?
Yes. You absolutely are.


Maybe an hour or two per week doesn’t sound like
it will solve your feelings of frustration or depression.
You’re right. It won’t.
It’s because our classes are tools.
Tools only work when you do the work.
Showing up each week is the work.

Just like a shovel isn’t going to plant your garden.
Just like a bicycle isn’t going to ride itself.
These tools can’t do the work for you
but they can get you to your goal faster.

We’ll let you in on a secret:
We didn’t make this stuff up!
Yoga, meditation, breathwork…
This stuff has been around for thousands of years.
So why aren’t all humans in a zen state of mind?
Because it’s f*cking hard!

It’s hard to find time in your schedule to practice.
It’s hard to master the techniques for maximum benefits.
It’s really hard to take a moment for yourself.
We know this. We live this.
And that’s why ming+ming shares the tools that work for us
so it’s faster and easier to find what works for you.



Sometimes you’re not going to feel like showing up.
We get that.
You will go back to your old habits.
We’ve been there too.
This is normal. You are normal.
Don’t be too hard on yourself.

You will fall off the wagon.
You are permitted to have cheat days.
But when you’re part of the ming+ming community,
we teach and encourage you to get back on the wagon,
keep showing up, and keep moving forward.

We are all at different stages of healing and growth.
We are all very different people with unique experiences.
This diversity is the strength of our community.
We find the connection in the struggle.
It’s the journey that brings us together.


You are smart. You are tough.
You do amazing things everyday.
You probably don’t need our help at all.
You work hard to create this beautiful life 
for yourself and for your loved ones.

But are you feeling stretched thin?
Do you have a short fuse with your kids, spouse, or strangers?
Is it difficult to turn the chatter off and fall asleep?
Do you have a habit of constantly checking your phone?
Is this how you want to enjoy the life you worked so hard to create?

ming+ming is here to streamline your wellness routine.
We’re here to curate classes that work for your schedule, 
share tools that work for us that we hope work for you, and 
guide you towards a life of more ease and less squeeze.
Let us help you reach your wellness goals.



Maybe today isn't the day to sign up for classes.

We totally understand!

We'd still love to keep in touch.

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