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scout curated wears

My crystals help remind me of what I'm working on as I go through my day so that's why I love wearing them! Most of the scout curated wears pieces summarize the energetic properties of the stone. My first one was lava stone - stone of strength. It grounded me when I felt overwhelmed or flustered, which was pretty often at the beginning of my journey. I would pause, take a breath pulling in the stable energy of the stone, and immediately felt better. It's still my go-to bracelet when I need that extra boost of stability in the face of change and transition.


crystal shopping

Early in my journey, crystals were a reminder on my desk at work that I could pause and feel the energy of the world wherever I was. I got them on vacation and receive them as gifts, but I always come back to The Healing Sanctuary on Etsy. I would look up different crystals in The Crystal Code and purchase them here knowing that they would arrive ready to use. She infuses all her products with reiki and I love they way they feel when I get them. No negative ju-ju here!


tibetan singing bowls

Singing bowls help bring my attention to the present. This is a constant struggle for me because I'm a natural planner. I love having a plan for everything so I find myself thinking about the future a lot, which can fuel my anxiety. Having a Tibetan singing bowl on my desk at work and in my bedroom at home reminds me to take a pause where I am, in that moment, and feel/hear/see what I'm experiencing while connecting with my breath.

I was featured in The Ohm Store blog demonstrating how I use the singing bowls to transition throughout the day.

Ming-Cee and I are brand ambassadors for The Ohm Store and we love that they source directly from the community that hand-makes each bowl in Napal and we love that they are a brother-sister team with a dream to heal the world. Get 10% off with code: MING10

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