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our story

our story


As sisters, we spent our childhood growing up in the same house, in the same town, and with the same parents. Eventually we found ourselves on opposite coasts, both on autopilot living our “perfect” lives.  We were focused on getting married, having children, climbing the corporate ladder, and buying homes in the suburbs. It looked like we were living the dream…on the outside.


our struggles


In hindsight, Ming-Wai was struggling with burnout and anxiety, and Ming-Cee was suffering from postpartum depression and chronic pain. But we thought we needed to push through it, ignoring the signs until things became so uncomfortable that we couldn’t contain it anymore.  We were hesitant to share our struggles with anyone else because we felt that our problems weren’t “real” problems. So we suffered in silence while simultaneously feeling guilty that we weren’t enjoying our lives.


our steps


ming+ming was born from our personal struggles and the path we found through them. In the beginning we felt lost, discouraged, and hesitant to buy something that had no guarantee of even working. We’ve battled with depression, anxiety, denial, self-doubt, and a debilitating fear of the unknown, but now we know it’s all for a bigger purpose. 


In the process, Ming-Wai became a certified yoga teacher, meditation coach, and energy worker using tarot, crystals, and reiki. Ming-Cee joined her sister as both a business partner and a life coach. It’s been a long, winding road and the struggles are still real but after years of inner work, and trying a multitude of tools for personal growth, we're bringing you the process that actually works: the 11 steps to change your life.

our inspiration


We created ming+ming to bring all of the resources, tools, and a supportive community into one place. Our personal growth platform provides clarity around your struggles, which pinpoints exactly where to start when you’re ready for real change in your life. And our growing community creates a safe space that reminds us all that we aren’t meant to do this alone.


The truth is that when you’re on a personal growth journey, it takes a lot of dedication, patience, and honesty to reach your goals. At ming+ming, we make the process clear, providing you with the steps and support to find that deeper understanding within so you can enjoy the life you work so hard to create. 

Image by Wim Arys

what step are you on?

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