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rest is resistance

On the For the Wild podcast, Tricia Hersey blew our minds!

This podcast helped us understand WHY we fight so hard against rest and it’s also helped us understand HOW we can help ourselves, solve our own problems with creative solutions, and truly enjoy our lives.


It reminded us that only in the quietness can we pause from the grind of life and reconnect with ourselves and support what it is that we really need.

If you need a shift in perspective and permission to get yourself resting, this conversation is for you.


on purpose with jay shetty

The podcast episode featuring Jada Pinkett Smith: On How to Heal Your Path and Love Yourself Again helped me recognize and face my warrior.  


I got to visualize my warrior, thank her, talk to her and let her rest.  It gave me great perspective and connection with my fiery side. It was one of my first steps inward. 


the michelle obama podcast

She gives me hope.  She is someone I idealize  and someone I'm inspired by. She makes me smile. She just does it for me. It’s a great podcast that helped me shift my mood.

sibling revelry with kate hudson and oliver hudson

We are all trying to find understanding, trying to find “what makes sense” in our world, and trying to find, dare I say it, ourselves.


This particular podcast really helped put large concepts like self and ego in a way that I could start to understand myself better. It’s a journey, so there is no simplistic answer, but this helped me break down the process and gave me the grace that it will take a while to get where I’m going.  


This is “easy listening" vs "putting in the work" listening for me.  The sibling banter of course makes me smile and laugh as I think about my own relationship with my sister.


calm app

This app slowly eased me into meditation. The average length in time is 10 minutes per guided meditation. It was hard to keep my mind focused for 10 minutes when I was just starting out so it was a realistic goal for me to reach.  I still use it as a counterbalance when I feel particularly overwhelmed or “off” for a little fix in the middle of the day.

Calm App: Sleep
I have had trouble relaxing into sleep for decades, feeling like a stiff board onto a stiff board. This portion of the app helped me to learn how to fall asleep through breathing and calming down my sympathetic nervous system.  The Deep Sleep Relax - 25 minutes is my go-to.

Calm App: Master Classes
These helped me start with mediation, slowing down, and shifting my perspective on my own time.  The Masterclass on present parenting specifically helped me to really define my struggles with postpartum depression and started my journey towards repairing my relationship with my children.

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