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breath, the new science of a lost art

This book by James Nestor helped me understand the foundation of why and how I breathe is incredibly important.  When I fall back into old patterns and feel lost on where to start again, I now go to my breath. The perfect breath is 5.5 seconds in and 5.5 seconds out.  It gives me my reset button.


will I ever be good enough? healing the daughters of narcissistic mothers

This book by Dr. Karyl McBride, Ph.D., helped me understand the root cause of why I have a deep desire to be seen, heard and liked by others.  It helped me to break my need for others' approval and making decisions based on what I thought was expected of me.  It helped clear out “noise” so I could start to hear my voice. I was able to let go the desire to have to prove:


My self worth to someone else

That I was right and they were wrong

I’m worth the effort to change.


Keep in mind that my path to healing with this book was in conjunction with therapy sessions.

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