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back to normal

It’s 2021 and our deepest desire and wishful thinking says we should be getting back to normal here pretty soon. There are vaccinations being administered, schools are transitioning to in-class learning, and our emotional capacity to socially distance is wearing thin (to put it nicely).

No matter how we want to view it, we all know there is no going back to normal. We are just moving toward what we will someday call normal in retrospect. Because the fact of the matter is life is always changing and that’s a harsh reality to come to terms with.

We seem to constantly be striving for comfort and ease. To chill, just relax, and put it on cruise control for a while... but even that will naturally come to an end. Life is constantly dishing it out, and that’s why we lose balance and fall off the wagon. That’s perfectly normal.

So how do we find our footing when we feel like life is trying to constantly knock us off? Sometimes it can seem like we’ve thrown ourselves so far off course that it’s not worth the effort to get back on. And that’s when we come back to our WHY. We have to ask ourselves: Why do we want to change? Why is the fight worth the fight?

Finding your WHY may take some time, or you may know it right away. As you would suspect, it’s different for everyone and some of us have to fall pretty far before we have the courage to dig it out. But make no mistake it’s there and once you find it, you will know. And it’s worth every ounce of effort.

The WHY is that honest, true answer that is deep within us and it’s what gets us back on track. It’s our north star when we get lost. We have both been thrown off our paths, and fallen back into our old habits of listening to a loud negative reel. But we both have found that WHEN we fall off, it’s tapping into our WHY that quiets our negative reel back down and allows us to start cheering ourselves on again.

Identifying our negative reel and discovering our WHY have been the crucial first steps to our healing journeys. It’s given us the foundation we need to keep pushing us towards our goals for change.

So all of March, ming+ming will be sharing more about our WHYs. We each have ones for our individual journeys and we have ones for our business too. We know WHY we choose our classes and WHY we make time to show up. And if you’ve been curious about our classes, come join us all next week while we celebrate Ming-Cee’s birthday with a week of FREE KARMA CLASSES!

Also follow along as we dive deep into WHY it’s worth it to keep putting one foot in front of the other. WHY it’s okay to fall off the wagon and WHY it’s all part of the journey. We are sharing our WHYs with the hope that it will help you discover your own.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee



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