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dear body, sorry I’ve been an asshole

Who has time to listen to their bodies these days? We have kids to raise, careers that need grooming, houses that need to be entertaining, and family and friends who need us to show up. The reality is that’s only a short list, and there’s so many other factors in our lives that need our attention and need it right now. So when do we have the quiet time to really tune in and listen to what our bodies need?

As long as we can remember, we have arrogantly expected our bodies to just work. From the moment we wake up and our feet hit the ground, we expect peak performance from our bodies to get us going throughout the day. If our bodies start to act out and start to talk back, let's take two Advils and keep on going. We just don’t have the time to really analyze the aching back, continual IBS, 4 o’clock migraine, or that pesky hemorrhoid that keeps popping up.

It’s not until the pain is so debilitating that we finally let ourselves lie down because we don’t have any other choice. Let's throw that heating pad on, grab some tiger balm, and double up on our extra strength Tylenol so that we can get going as soon as we wake up the next day.

After decades of being a complete asshole to our bodies, it shouldn’t surprise us that it just stops performing for us. Or worse, it starts to fight back. As we age we are noticing that our privileged behavior toward our bodies in the past are starting to be less forgiving.

Not so long ago, our self-care routines were superficial. Working out and eating “right” were because we wanted to look good in our swimsuits. Paying for an expensive skincare routine was so we could have clear(ish) skin. Showing up for yoga classes in cute outfits made us feel good about checking something off our “to-do” list (and a picture for social media was just an added plus).

As we continue to make changes for a healthier life, our priorities have changed. We have also noticed that this is no simple task and we understand why so many would shy away from it...because it’s REALLY F*CKING HARD!

Dare we ask ourselves why we care so much about what others think? Why is our image more important than how we actually feel inside? The responses to these questions are, as they say, absolutely cringe-worthy! We have also realized that when you start shifting and really listening to what your body needs, it’s a much longer list than you actually thought. Most likely because we’ve been putting our efforts into keeping it quiet rather than addressing its cries for help.

Through our journeys, we are discovering wonderful ways to have a more cohesive relationship with our bodies. We are no longer only taking care of our bodies so that we can squeeze into our old jeans, but because our bodies deserve it...especially after all these years of mistreatment.

With that said, we are giving our bodies the rest they need and will be on holiday from December 19 through January 2. We won’t be having class here at ming+ming, but you can stay connected with us on instagram. We’re so happy to see you enjoying the free karma yoga and meditation class recordings and we’ll keep them available so you can continue your self care during the holidays.

With love, Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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