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dear to-do list... it's not you, it's me

You are an achiever. You get things done. You are successful.

Sound familiar? For much of our lives, saying that to ourselves is how we defined our success, who we were, and if we were “good enough.”

But then at some point, we realized that checking off our long to-do lists didn’t always leave us fulfilled or feeling good. We were left with “having it all” on paper, but then feeling guilty for feeling unhappy.

Maybe it’s just our confidence wavering? Or maybe we started to realize that our worth isn’t tied to how many or how quickly we can check off our boxes. And maybe... just maybe... we became uncomfortable enough to make the shift from awareness to behavioral change.

When we finally reached our limit and the desire for change was so great that we couldn’t ignore it anymore, we came to grips with the fact that change takes time.

Time. The anti-box checker... or is it?

There are benefits to sitting with our uncomfortable emotions and not having to always get things done. Observing these feelings. Reflecting on where our feelings are coming from and how we let them define us. If I’m not kicking ass and taking names, then who am I?

As the world has forced us to slow down in some areas and shift in others, we have noticed that the pressure to check every box off our list has taken a back seat. Mostly because we don’t have the time or energy to address it ALL!

We obviously prioritize the issues that need our immediate attention, but for the ones that get pushed off to the side, we are pleasantly surprised when solutions naturally present themselves when the time is right. In turn, showing us that we are still who we are even without that check-marked accomplishment. We are still achievers. We are still successful.

And in hindsight, those pesky, uncomfortable problems were opportunities to grow. And healthy, sustainable growth takes time, nurturing, and love.

So we invite you to put it to the test. Is there something that you thought HAD to get done, but when pushed to the side, ended up resolving itself? Maybe things you thought were problems, really weren’t. Perhaps a shift has re-prioritized what really matters to you at this time.

It does feel good to check things off our to-do list. But sometimes, it feels good to invite a different perspective and allow those boxes to check themselves off... or not!

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee



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