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go love yourself

We both are thick on our own self healing journeys right now. We read self help books, listen to podcasts while doing chores, watch documentaries and shows on how to better our lives, and even follow people on social media that are in the wellness industry all sharing positive messages about self love and selfcare.

It’s a lot.

The encouragement and helpful reminders are nice to read, but sometimes that’s all they are. Just words and images.

As we move through our own healing journeys we have found ourselves asking: but HOW do we go about loving ourselves? It’s a lovely thought, but it is definitely a lot easier said than done.

What we have discovered is that a crucial first step to loving our true self is discovering what type of relationship we have with ourselves at this very moment.

  • Do we encourage ourselves throughout the day or do we break ourselves down?

  • Do we coach ourselves through hard times or do we berate ourselves with our shortcomings?

  • Do we feel worthy of other people's time and loving support or do we come up with reasons why others “have to” be around us?

  • Do we spend time giving ourselves credit for past achievements or do we bypass all we have done to focus on what we have not accomplished yet?

How strong is your negative reel?

When we reflect back on our personal healing journeys thus far, we look back at the hard things we have accomplished and it allows for a deeper love to grow from within. To look back and to KNOW that we can do hard things develops a deep trust that we are able to move forward with.

Change is incredibly hard at times and can be accompanied by uncomfortable emotions, yet both of us have made incremental changes and now look back in awe at how far we have come.

So for the month of October and as we continue to talk about the importance of reflecting back on all the challenges we have accomplished, big and small, we encourage you to take a pause and check in to see if you spend enough time celebrating past victories and if you cheer yourself on as you continue to prove to yourself that you are on the right path and that you can do hard things.

We’ve found that real change can start with a seemingly small goal. Whether it’s a change in our morning routines to take our vitamins, or to buy an alarm clock to keep phones out of our rooms at night, or to find the courage to tell our boss that we are taking a mental health day, or going on a wellness retreat out of our comfort zones... it’s taking these actionable steps that allows us to show ourselves that we are worth it.

And finally, always remember that we are not meant to do this alone. The ming+ming community is here to remind you of your worth, point out victories that you have overlooked, and highlight the potential you have to continue to do hard things. Come to our meditation class (FREE in November!) or sign up for a one-one-one signature ming+ming coaching session and start falling more in love with yourself.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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