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hello, we are ming+ming

We thought this would be a great time to introduce ourselves officially. We are Ming-Wai and Ming-Cee, two sisters who are trying to confront our pain and fear to find connection and beauty as we struggle with our journeys discovering our true selves.

We know how it feels when the quest ahead seems utterly impossible. The fear of the unknown was keeping us from taking our first few steps but as terrified as we were, we did. This is why we created ming+ming. We knew we couldn’t be the only travelers afraid to start searching for a balanced and fulfilling life.

The difference with ming+ming is that we are not here to only recap our success stories. Hell, we are practically just getting started! But we have discovered there are critical, initial steps that you must take when going from awareness to behavioral change. We can attest that these are some of the hardest steps to take since each step is rooted in an honest relationship with yourself and yourself only.

There are millions of diets, millions of workouts, millions of styles, millions of tools, apps, opinions. How do you choose where to put your energy, your attention, your money, your precious time? If you don’t know who you are, you can’t answer the simple question: What’s best for me?

At ming+ming, you will hear us share the tools that have worked for us to find our voices again. The voice that coaches us through our challenges and reminds us of our worth. The voice that chuckles at our shortcomings and tells us not to take things so seriously. The voice that encourages us to make decisions that we know will bring us back into balance. We hope that our stories will help you find your voice too.

Through yoga, meditation, and breathwork, we are building a foundation through these thousand-year-old practices to help us find our footing when our world is spinning. These ancient practices allow us to stay grounded in our modern world, navigating instant gratification, social media comparison, goals of perfection, external validation, constant mind chatter, to name a few. We hope these classes will help you build the foundation you need as you heal and grow.

Our ming+ming community is based on sharing stories of struggle and creating connections through compassion. The more we share what works for us, the more likely someone will try new techniques or discover a new perspective. We are creating a platform to explore and share the healing techniques that work (or don’t work) for you. We hope that sharing your story will not only heal yourself but others as well.

And if you feel lost and don’t know how to begin, we are ready to coach and guide you to find your voice and your path. The ming+ming coaching sessions help to identify the root cause, address it, heal from it, let it go, and let you grow. It’s a process, it’s complicated, and it’s uncomfortable at times. But as you continue to heal, you will develop trust in yourself, confidence in your voice, and deeper self love.

It’s our mission at ming+ming to help you to define your wellness so you know what actually works for you. We will support you as you create your personal action plan so you can heal as you continue to live your life. And we will guide you to take awareness to behavioral change so you can trust that you have what it takes to create the life you want.

You have a fulfilling life to live. And for those of you who are aware but are struggling with your first steps, we are here to help. We are ming+ming.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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