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Hi, I’m Ming-Wai and I’m coming out of the mystical closet

For most of my life, I thought I knew what I wanted. I accomplished what I set my mind to and I was happy, I was loved, I was grateful. I was living the professional working mom dream on the outside, but something felt off on the inside.

Peeling back all the layers to discover my why was a lot of emotional work. It took years. I put on a cheery face in public but I struggled to delve deep into my soul in private. I felt lost. I didn’t know my purpose in life and it was eating at me from the inside out. I knew that I couldn’t keep pretending that everything was fine until I retired. The thought of 20 more years living this “perfect” life exhausted me. And that’s how I knew I was out of alignment with my why.

I fell off the wagon frequently and convinced myself that I was just overreacting and overthinking things. I fell back on bad habits, like volunteering to work on my days off so someone else wouldn’t have to. Fortunately when I felt unbalanced, I always came back to my tools of yoga, meditation, crystals, tarot, and journaling in order to chisel away the layers of doubt, insecurity, fear, and cultural conditioning.

After all that frustrating work, discovering my purpose and my why in life was less of an “aha” moment and more of a slow shift in perspective. I began to see that my why was connected to my natural talents that permeated through all my accomplishments, but I just didn’t give it much value because it came easy to me. I kept my interests and talents a secret because I had convinced myself that it was weird and I was scared I would be teased.

But it’s time I came out of the mystical closet and fully embraced my why. I am a space holder, I am an energy worker, I am an intuitive coach. I am on this earth to help you dive deeper into yourself and guide you forward with confidence.

I know in my heart that this is my calling, my purpose, my why. It took me a lot of hard work to get here so you would think it’d be easier on the other side.

It’s not. The most difficult part of embracing my why is putting it into practice and living it.

My negative reel is overwhelming when I contemplate doing this as a living. My ego tries to convince me that I need to stay the course society expects of me. My identity is confused as to who I am if I’m not living the life that I update on LinkedIn.

So do I regret all that soul-searching work to discover my why just to be met with more struggles? Absolutely not.

Knowing my why has allowed me to find my foundation. I am in the beginning stages of taking back my self-worth and recognizing the value of my natural gifts. I’m no longer afraid of being teased for being weird. I know I’m weird and that’s why it’s so important that I share my unique talents! There aren’t a lot of people like me and there needs to be more amazing humans unapologetically sharing their God-given talents on this earth.

Because when I found my why, I saw that I was needed everywhere. And when friends, family, and strangers tell me their struggles, their pain, their insecurities, I know I can help them. And that lights me up. It gives me energy. I can feel the divine guidance shining through me affirming what I’m here on earth to do.

I’m finally ready to step into my why and share my gifts. I will be offering 1-on-1 sessions using tarot, akashic record readings, and reiki to help you get a deeper understanding of your personal problems that keep you feeling stuck. Sign up for my waitlist if you're interested in working with me and we'll be in touch.

With love,




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