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independence day

For us, this weekend was very different from past 4th of July celebrations. Not only did we stay home to watch the fireworks on TV instead of gathering with friends and neighbors, we also reflected on the hard-fought freedom and independence of our country almost 250 years ago.

What does it feel like to be truly free?

We live in a time where persecution doesn’t just come from a monarch across the ocean, it can come from unfair social systems, messages on social media, or our own negative reel in our head.

Have you ever questioned: Who am I? What's wrong with me?

We have. Many times.

What happens when we quiet the world around us and rediscover our own voice again? Do we find that inner child who doesn’t hold back their self expression? Do we find someone who asks for what they need and want without reservation? Who is that person that feels their emotions fully and completely without apology?

We don’t want to turn into full egomaniacs that uncontrollably express every emotion, but we wonder what would happen if we tried to reconnect with our inner child… our true self.

Our true self is a rainbow of color constantly changing shapes and sizes while moving with fluidity and grace. It’s the most complicated and difficult relationship we will ever have because we can never truly escape.

We know this is complicated, uncomfortable, and not for everyone. The complex adventure of discovering our personal freedom comes from knowing there is not a single or simple answer.

Our hope for you (and for ourselves!) is to get to a place where we don’t feel like running away or changing the subject. Where we can sit quietly with ourselves and fully enjoy our own company.

True freedom is accepting the flaws, celebrating our uniqueness, expressing all the colors, and embracing all that we are. And once we have experienced the freedom of discovering our true self, we will never feel the need, the right, or the privilege of taking that away from someone else.

Happy Birthday, America! We’re all on this journey together and to help each other make a better life, a better country, and a better world. Change starts from within.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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