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let it flow + let shit go

Each month we tackle another theme that correlates with our own healing journeys. July’s theme is: let it flow and let shit go.

Sounds amazing right? But what’s been proven to us (again and again) is that letting go is way harder than making the decision that it’s time to move on. We know logically that what we are holding onto is the root cause of being stuck. We know in our head that if we can let it go, then the freedom of change should follow shortly after.

But logically and emotionally are two very different things. Emotionally we grab on tight. We focus on “what should be'' or what is “right.” We stew in the pain of rejection and personal humiliation that has caused self doubt, or words that have cut down our worth that should be vindicated. An eye for an eye right?

But what we have learned is that holding on to hurt, pain, injustices, missed opportunities, and poor choices will only wreak more havoc and is exactly what keeps us stuck. Paralyzed in the same place emotionally as when the incident occurred. Life may move on, but emotionally, we just can’t seem to let go and as the pain replays, it perpetuates the same response leading to decisions and actions that won’t let us change.

So how do we let it flow and let shit go...for good? Well, by going within. By asking ourselves the hard questions like WHY does the opinion of another person matter so much? Do I deep down agree with what they are saying? Are my own insecurities the driving force behind this negative spiral?

This new pathway of going within for healing and defining your own worth is not for the weary, the weak, or the fickle. And because of the immense challenge, it’s not meant for you to do it alone. It’s also going to take time for you to heal, rewire old thoughts, forgive, and love before you can REALLY let go and move on.

Therapy has been a great tool and we recommend it highly if you have access to it. And therapy can come in many different forms so if therapy seems like an intimidating step, then we suggest coming to our Thursday night meditation class. The ming+ming community shares with each other our weekly challenges, not seeking answers from somewhere else, but to connect with each other that we are all struggling with something. We listen, hold space, and support each other as we all navigate how to let shit go.

Though the phrase “let it go” is short, the process is not. It will take time and a lot of it, but by using your tools, you can streamline your efforts. Know that ming+ming is one of your tools and by combining it with other tools that work for you, we can help streamline wellness so you can start enjoying the life you work so hard to create.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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