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our why (psst... it's YOU!)

As we slowly grow ming+ming, we have been able to observe organic shifts that help guide us to what we believe is our true purpose for starting this company: to help someone.

When we first started discussing our potential business, it didn’t come together as easily as you may think. Ming-Wai was just emerging from discovering her true voice and taking actions to listen and change. Ming-Cee was just making it out of her first 6 months of the most terrifying first steps of her life. There was no way anyone would be interested in our stories or think we were qualified to share our advice (said our negative reel).

It was the global pandemic, the shutdown, and all that came with it that pushed us to the decision that it was time to take the first scary-ass step and tell the world that we were starting a wellness business. Even though both of our negative reels were loud, it was the deeper calling from within that drove us to our actions. We knew we could help. But how?

We had grand discussions and our imaginations would take our conversations to how we could one day save the world! But the more we talked, we realized our goal wasn’t to save everyone, it was to help just one other person move forward, feel heard, know they weren’t alone.

We would constantly find ourselves saying: “if we can just help one person, then this will all be worth it.” And as we continue to take the next step and the next with our business, the universe keeps giving us our one-person nod that we are on track to do just that.

Usually it’s within a day or two after our newsletter drops but it happens nearly every week like clockwork. We get our one person. It comes in many different forms, maybe in a text, perhaps an email, IM or DM, but whatever which way, it’s our one person letting us know that something we said/did/wrote resonated with them and was exactly what they needed to hear.

We know it’s the universe giving us a little wink and letting us know we have helped our one person and to just keep going. It immediately floods us with warmth and joy and puts a smile on our faces that can’t be wiped off. It’s that crazy dopamine hit we’re always chasing. It’s what fuels us to keep putting one foot in front of the other. It’s our purpose behind growing ming+ming.

This week we will start to share screen shots and excerpts from our one person through our instagram stories, so please follow along! And please know that all of your likes and comments via social media make us feel so loved and supported as we find our place, grow our community, and continue to hold space for all healing journeys.

We are always here for you so please respond to this email, DM us on social, or text us - we LOVE hearing from you!

So thank you to all that have been our one person--you know who you are. Thank you to all of you who mean to be our one person but life just got too busy and you didn’t get to it (we call that normal). And thank you to our future one person!

You are all our WHY.

With love, Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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