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sharing my story + love through snail mail

There's just something about getting a note from someone in the mail. It's really hard for me to make time to write letters to my friends and family, but I know the joy that I feel when I receive them so I try to make it a priority to take a few moments to write to my loved ones or even old friends that I haven't seen in years.

When I have a hard time thinking about what to write, I share a funny or loving memory of something we shared in the past that makes me smile. It helps me reflect on where I've been and invest in people in my life that bring me joy and love.

In a world where I feel bombarded with bad news and chaos most of the time, these moments of pause and story sharing lift my spirits up and make my heart full. I hope the recipients of my snail mail messages also find a quiet smile in the pause of reading my story to them.

With love, Ming-Wai

P.S. I love fancy, thick stationary but most of the time I get the 99 cent Trader Joe's cards (which are really cute!) and pick fun stamps from the post office.

And if you have a photo that you want to send with a note, my favorite snail mail app is Ink or Postgram. It only cost a couple bucks and I love the printed photos to hand on the fridge.

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