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step 6: breaking down the woo-woo

For most of our lives, we trusted western medicine and went to our doctors for tests, blood draws, and prescriptions looking for immediate and practical solutions to our problems. But when Ming-Wai was looking for answers to her 4 year old’s behavioral issues and Ming-Cee was trying to figure out her own health issues, we were left feeling let down, unseen, and misunderstood by western medicine.

Though medication has helped our ailments throughout our lives and we are grateful for the quality of care that western medicine provides, we began to feel as though the “quick-fix” solutions were only masking our real issues and healing us on a superficial level. Popping a pill was great at getting us back to work and making sure we didn’t miss the next big social event, but as time passed, our symptoms would eventually pop back up and manifest in different ways.

It took us feeling let down, unseen, and misunderstood by western medicine that allowed us to try something new because we didn’t just want answers that only made us feel better, we wanted to understand why we were suffering in the first place. In our search for answers, we were unexpectedly introduced to alternative, non-mainstream healing practices that were considered “woo-woo.”

Woo-woo (noun) /ˈwo͞oˌwo͞o/ unconventional beliefs regarded as having little or no scientific basis, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine.

Reiki, for the most part, was our introduction to the land of the woo. Ming-Wai first discovered the practice of energy healing through an au pair who was able to get her high-energy son to take naps. He had fought his naps since birth and he never napped unless he was sick. It was at the point that his preschool was punishing him for acting out and they even suggested that he had ADHD and could benefit from medication.

Desperate for change, Ming-Cee was open to try anything as she could not break her tight grip on her old patterns, she was terrified of the unknown, and not ready to face her own demons. Reiki was exactly what she needed to loosen that grip, to give her deeper understanding of her stuckness and why she fought so hard to maintain her status quo instead of just letting go.

Though difficult to explain how the practice of energy healing changed patterns in our lives that we once believed we would have to endure, we cannot deny the significant impact it made and continues to make on our lives. And as both of our growth journeys expand, new woo-woo concepts continue to provide us with support, creative solutions, and real change like we’ve never experienced before.

As we continue to move through our steps by doing the hard work of truly letting shit go, to give ourselves the time we need to heal and grow, and to create the space that allows us to live a life of flow (damn, that rhymes!), we have the ability to try something different.

We understand that different can feel uncomfortable. We understand that different doesn’t guarantee it’s going to work. But when our frustrations of receiving superficial band-aids didn’t address our deepest concerns and when we felt stuck in a life that we knew wasn’t working for us anymore, different is what finally got us unstuck. Since then, we have also tried crystals, tarot cards, meditation, breathwork, and yoga to name a few, and these woo-woo practices have given us insight into how we can help ourselves live a fulfilled life, one that we enjoy and not just one that we mask and maintain.

So now we are here to help break down the woo-woo so others may make shifts that they never thought were possible. We are also here to share our stories and how woo-woo practices can have a different effect on each one of us. And though it may feel uncomfortable and may be mystical and unexplainable, for us the effects have been undeniable and we encourage you to try something new.

Continue to follow along with us as we break down the woo-woo. We will explain how unconventional healing tools have helped improve our lives, discover deeper understanding into our stuckness, and provide us with the ability to heal ourselves and to help others.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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