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the power of your actions

Personal opinions are center stage in our modern world. Many of us have our own platforms on social media to share our opinions or we do it the old fashioned way through lawn signs, bumper stickers, or t-shirts.

This is why we love America! Our opinions matter! Our opinion makes a difference.

As long as we are honest with ourselves and make sure that our decisions are made from a place of love, it gives us confidence to move forward and change the world with our actions.

No matter if someone decides to post or not (#challengeaccepted) or if someone decides to speak up or not (#karens) or if someone decides to march or not (#blacklivesmatter), it’s about respecting everyone’s individual choice to have their own opinion and express it in their own time without being met with judgement.

(Judgement - that’s another loaded topic for another day!)

Deep contemplation, self-exploration, and healing is setting an example too. There is so much changing and it’s changing so fast! It’s okay to take a breather and explore our reactions, our perspectives, and our motivations before action or expression.

Change starts from within. We can all make a difference in our own way.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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