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we didn't make this shit up

back bend, ostrakon, 13th century b.c.

There have been times when we listened to podcasts or read books and felt so inspired by the speaker or author’s message, principle, or process that we go: “Oh shit! This person has already figured it out and beat us to it!”

We have to work through the emotional reactions that make us feel like we are too late to the game and that we don’t have anything new to offer. In a world that promotes being first and being the best, a part of us wishes we could take credit for all the wisdom that has come with our self discoveries and claim we made this shit up… but we didn’t.

And actually, that’s a good thing!

We are not the first to discover yoga, meditation or breathwork as healing practices. We are not the first to discover the power of prioritizing ourselves and positive thinking. And we did not discover the benefits of a quiet pause to reconnect with our inner voice.

What we have discovered through our healing journeys is that our healing tools will not be exactly the same as your healing tools. There’s a misconception that everyone has the same healing journey and this misconception contributes to our feelings of frustration and stuckness. We may feel like something’s wrong with us, but in actuality, there’s nothing further from the truth.

We are all unique individuals working at our own pace, on our own timeline, in our own way to discover the tools that will support the change we desperately seek. Everyone has to go through their own self discoveries to find the meaning behind the hard work that’s needed for sustainable change.

That’s why ming+ming is designed to assist you at your own pace, on your own time, and with your own unique tools.

Our classes are designed to target the root cause of issues like insomnia, low energy, tension, and burnout. All classes are virtual, allowing you to be in a safe and supportive environment in your home as you heal and reconnect with yourself. Showing up consistently is the key to positive change so our subscription model makes it easy and cost-effective to attend regularly. And if you can’t make it at the last minute, the recording is emailed to you so you can squeeze it in when you have the time.

Our coaching sessions are uniquely designed to address the root cause of your stuckness, giving you the confidence to move forward with your next steps. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and none of your tools seem to be working, we work with you one-on-one for three months through a series of coaching sessions to move you forward with support and clarity.

Our tools page is a resource for you to discover new tools that fit into your lifestyle and interest. Even though some of our tools may not resonate with you, knowing the tools that don’t work for you is just as important as discovering the tools that do.

And our weekly newsletters walk you through the ming+ming 11 step process to help you break the habits that hold you back from enjoying the life you work so hard to create. They feature our personal blogs that share our healing journeys with the intent to help you discover your own. And when you subscribe, you join our ming+ming community where we remind each other that we are not alone and we are not meant to do this alone.

And since we didn’t make any of this shit up, we also recognize that ming+ming is A tool, not THE tool. We are another tool that you can incorporate along with the tools that already work for you.

So if you have been feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated and can’t seem to find your footing on how to help yourself move on with confidence, you’ve discovered a great place to start the next phase of your healing journey. We’re glad you’re following along with us.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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