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why meditation

We all know that it’s practically impossible to slow down and find a quiet moment these days. Slowing down goes against everything we’ve been taught and everything we’ve worked so hard towards. So is it really necessary or worth all the effort?

It’s hard to convince others (hell, it’s hard to convince ourselves sometimes) why this ancient practice is worth our time and investment. And why meditation is a skill that is becoming a necessity in this increasingly noisy world.

What it boils down to is that meditation is our counterbalance to the non-stop chatter in our heads. Meditation teaches us how to quiet our minds so that we can begin to uncover our own voice.

So why meditation?

Because if you don’t uncover your own voice, then you will not be able to discover who you truly are; and if you don’t discover who you truly are, then you won’t know how to set realistic goals for yourself; and if you don’t know how to set realistic goals for yourself, then you’ll never be able to figure out if you’re putting the cart before the horse or the horse before the cart because you will be too busy thinking: 

“is this even my horse?”

“should I take this horse and put my cart before it?”

“what will others think if I just take this horse?”

“didn’t I hear that Joanna bought a horse last week?”

“how is she even able to take care of a horse?”

“I mean does she really think she can take care of a horse, and her kids, and still keep her spouse happy?”

“I think I can take care of a horse if everyone else can take care of a horse”

“Yes! That’s exactly what I need!  I’m buying a horse.”

See what we mean?

That’s WHY meditation.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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