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why yoga

When we talk about yoga, you may think of warrior pose or headstands. While active yoga styles feel great for lots of people, our ming+ming yoga classes are less focused on building muscular strength and stamina, and more focused on incorporating breathwork, quieting down the chatter in our minds, and releasing tension in our bodies. We want to offer yoga as a healing tool - a counterbalance to help us feel more in control of our emotions, feel more confident in our decisions, and feel more whole as an individual.

Last week, we shared why meditation is such a powerful tool to guide our healing journeys. But for lots of people, transitioning into a meditative headspace is easier when connected to a physical practice. We think of yoga as meditation in motion by offering physical and mental benefits in all aspects of our lives.

WHY ming+ming yoga:

  • practice self-prioritization (showing up on your mat is the hardest part)

  • train yourself to fully regenerate after the demanding hustle of the day

  • know that uncomfortable positions are only temporary and they will eventually pass (and you’ll be stronger on the other side)

  • learn how to be comfortable spending time with one’s self (If you want to know yourself better, then you’re going to need to spend time with yourself)

  • learn how to go from the stimulation of future planning to quieting down your mind and being present

  • create a strong foundation that you know you can always get back to with intentional breathing techniques

WHY zoom yoga:

  • no comparing yourself to the person on the mat next to you (turning off your camera is always an option)

  • wear clothes that feel comfortable to you (brand name yoga outfits not required)

  • show up on your mat and log in right before class and log off when you need to go

  • let out a fart in child’s pose, happy baby, or any pose

  • ALL classes are recorded and available to do again for 7 days

So if you ever thought that yoga wasn’t for you because you don’t look gorgeous in tight pants or can’t touch your toes… know that ming+ming yoga isn’t here for you to check off a box. It’s a tool to help you rediscover yourself. Our yoga is for every body and every level, so come join us when you’re ready.

That’s WHY yoga!

With love, Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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