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zombies ate my brain

To celebrate Halloween, we wanted to really scare you and talk about something utterly terrifying…

Following your heart.  Doing what you love.  Listening to your intuition.  Living your purpose in life.

<insert blood-curdling scream sound effect> 

The quest for self-discovery can feel like living in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. For example:

  • That nagging feeling or emotional triggers that you get when you need to deal with your emotions but you don’t have time (or courage)… can feel a lot like a relentless zombie trying to eat you.

  • The exhaustion that you feel when you’re working day-in and day-out in a job or on a project that isn’t in alignment with your soul’s purpose but you’re too tired and busy to invest in yourself to figure out how to change things… can feel like a never-ending sea of zombies heading right towards you.

  • That trapped feeling you have when you’ve invested so much time and energy into something that you now realize may not be exactly what you want and you don’t know how to get out… can feel like being stuck in a rural farmhouse under assault by, you guessed it, zombies!

Okay, you get the point. We feel like the zombies in our real lives are most pronounced in our negative reel - that negative self-judgement that just won’t die. We hear it constantly in our heads telling us that we can’t change that, we’re not good enough, we’ll disappoint everyone, or I just don’t have time for that right now.

At times, the fear of change has been so real and so thick that it has literally stopped us in our tracks. The idea of finally finding the inner-courage to chase after what we TRULY desired was met with the dread of putting in the hard work and having our negative reel come true. This left us so terrified that we chose to continue on the same miserable path. It might sound something like this: “I know I’m unhappy with this aspect of my life, but at least I know what to expect.” 

But when we have the courage to take that first step towards positive change, it always starts small. Change is scary and hard, but if we keep repeating what we “know to be true” then that zombie is never going to die no matter how many times you stab it.  You need to put your energy where it counts… shooting it right in the head!

Creating manageable milestones and goals gives us a target to get that zombie right between the eyes. Remember, you are smarter than your problems! Think small steps like just recognizing you have a negative reel, turning off your phone for an hour per week, meditating for 5 minutes before you start your day, or pausing to take some deep breaths. You are training to be a zombie-killing machine and that debilitating fear will no longer hold you back!

We want you to keep adding to your healing toolbox to support your unique journey of self-discovery. We’re right there with you and we're dedicated to introducing the tools and techniques that are helping us in our own journeys. Thanks for being part of our ming+ming community and we’ll help guide each other away from those brain-eating zombies.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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