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breaking down the woo-woo

What the hell does this even mean? So holding space is the gift of presence? Or wait, holding space is telling someone they matter? What does holding space mean and why do I care?

If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of woo-woo wellness terms out there. Even the word “meditation” is confusing in the way it’s used in the wellness industry. Let’s meditate on that for a while.

Ever since we can remember, the wellness market has created a definition of wellness for us. Whether it’s butter vs. margarine, high impact vs. low impact, or vegan vs. atkins, we are being fed the definition of what is “good” for us.

When we didn’t meet the industry’s definition, we felt like we failed at our diets, workouts, meditations, and skincare routines, to name a few. And then we were sold another wellness solution to fix our problems.

Around and around we go. The trillion dollar wellness industry is always ready to trade you the “answers” for your hard-earned money, but where should we invest and get the biggest bang for our buck? The options are overwhelming and the language is confusing.

It’s through our personal journeys, we’ve realized that the most efficient way to achieve our wellness goals is to define wellness for ourselves. In general, we notice that our definition doesn’t fit into the parameters given to us by the wellness industry and society. But once we found our own definition of wellness and applied it to our unique bodies, situations, life experiences and lifestyles, we feel the benefits and those benefits help us take the next steps.

So this month, ming+ming is breaking down the woo-woo and redefining wellness terms so you can embody your own definition and are equipped to sort through the trillion dollar wellness industry in all its confusing glory.

We’re starting with woo-woo terms “holding space” and “meditation” and breaking it down. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and see if your definition of wellness actually serves you or has been working against you this whole time.

Also, comment below and add the woo-woo words and phrases that you want defined. Let us help you break down the woo-woo!


Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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