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cheat days aren’t just for diets anymore

If you have ever tried to change your eating habits and stick to a healthier diet plan, you probably know you are generally granted “cheat days” where you can enjoy your carbs and sugars guilt free. And rightfully so!

We are all about helping to find personal balance here at ming+ming. We don’t believe that getting healthy should (always) feel like it’s a grueling battle, even though we know effort and hard work are crucial components to our success. Sometimes it’s not only okay, but it’s necessary to eat a double cheeseburger, fries, and have a slice of cake too!

So if it makes sense to indulge here and there while changing your eating habits, would it make sense to have cheat days while trying to improve and strengthen our emotional and mental health? We say: Yes!

Now if the challenges of 2020 have not put you in a complete tailspin at times, then please contact us because we would love to hear your coping strategies!

But if you are like us (and most other people), this year seems to be one challenge after another. We have been working on sharpening our skills to shift easier with these trying times. Working on mindfulness has given us the ability to see silver linings and truly embrace our resilience. And that, in turn, gives us the power of accepting just how strong we really are (and how little credit we use to give ourselves).

But we are human and there are some days where we just don’t want to take deep breaths or do gratitude journaling or meditate or do anything that we’re “supposed” to do. There are those days that we just want to scream: F*ck It, World! And then maybe drink a glass (or bottle) of wine, binge watch some shows, scroll through social media, and sit with some not-so-happy feelings for a bit.

Though we do not encourage hiding behind alcohol or getting sucked into hours and hours of electronic dopamine hits to escape the world, we do realize that some days that’s exactly what we need to do. It’s okay. It’s normal. We are complicated creatures and sometimes feeding our soul looks like a combination of Netflix, sugar and carbs, and a healthy pour of wine.

Just remember that when that cheat day is over, we take a deep breath, center ourselves, and get back to sharpening our healing tools.

Breathwork and meditation are such powerful tools to help teach us how to slow things down, accept exactly what is going on, and shift appropriately to help ourselves live a healthier life. Yoga strengthens our mind, body and spirit to accept that these tough moments are only temporary, that we can make it through another difficult day, and that it will make us stronger. And, last but not least, our supportive community at ming+ming reminds us we are not alone in this journey and encourages us to keep moving forward because we’re worth it!

You are worth it!

So go on, have a cheat day here and there if that’s what you need. We know we do. Just remember a cheat day isn’t an excuse to make it a cheat week or a cheat month. And if you need help getting back on track, that’s what we are here for!

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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