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don't be a sh!t talker

We all have a voice inside our head that sounds a lot like the voice we hear when we open our mouths to talk. Though they may sound very similar, the inner voice can be very different from the voice we share with others. Some may call it our conscience or our voice of reason, but when life gets messy, that voice can get lost or even turn against us.

Have you taken the time to slow down enough to hear what your inner voice says to you?

Through our own journeys, we have come to recognize that what we say to ourselves is just as important as how we say it.

We all know that change is hard and the last thing we need is for our own inner voice to add to the noise that says: “I’m not good enough.” Whether it touches on our appearance, our personality traits, our expected roles in our family and community, it is foundationally important that we always have our own back.

When life gets challenging, we need to be able to hear our own voice coach us along, tell us to get back up, tell us it’s going to be okay and we are truly enough. With a compassionate tone and acceptance that we aren’t perfect and will make mistakes, we need an inner dialogue that will lift us up and help get us back on track.

Easier said than done, as usual.

So what happens when we realize that we cannot hear ourselves any longer? Or the sound of our own voice is actually sh!t talking ourselves (which leads us to sh!t talk our own sh!t talk)? How do we overcome and break the cycle?

We all know that it’s important to make time for ourselves and make healthy decisions. But when we take a yoga class, or learn how to meditate, or do breathwork, or practice mindfulness, what we are really doing is using these skills to help connect with our inner voice again. To hear ourselves tell ourselves that we are worthy, we are strong, we are enough to continue on a difficult path to discovering a deeper self love.

As our relationship with ourselves grows and life continues to put us on track and take us off again, it’s nice to know that our forever companion is on our side to encourage us to keep going because we deserve it and we are very much worth it.

Part of our mission with ming + ming is to teach you how to turn down that negative reel, how to turn up that supportive inner voice, and fall in love with yourself (for the first time or all over again).

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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