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maintain + preserve

For the month of November, our theme is maintain + preserve. But before we dive into all the encouraging words for healthy changes in our lives, let’s just admit for a second that sometimes we just don’t want to do what’s “right” for ourselves.

It’s exhausting to change and to always think about how we can better ourselves. There are some days (if not weeks) that curling up in our comfortable old habits is all we have the capacity to do. And that’s okay!

What works for us is creating healthier habits that comfortably fit into our lifestyles, which helps us maintain the changes that truly benefit our lives. When we find personalized creative tools and apply them to our unique situations, the maintenance of keeping up these good habits doesn't seem as hard… even on the days that we don’t want to work on ourselves.

Plus, when we create small daily changes that work for our schedules, we can ride these changes for a while allowing ourselves the grace to live our lives with a mix of healthy new habits and habits that we will change later down the line.

Don’t forget to take the time to reflect on the small changes you have made for yourself thus far! We can get caught up in pushing ourselves to keep going and keep growing without taking the pause to celebrate what we have already accomplished… big and small.

For example:

  • Don’t forget that recently you stopped sleeping with your phone in your room.

  • Don’t forget that you started walking around your block as a form of meditation.

  • Don’t forget that you have healed from a toxic past relationship.

  • Don’t forget you stopped putting sugar in your coffee.

We both fall back and like to sit in our comfortableness of maintaining the status quo. And sometimes we’re just fighting the undeniable truth that in order to change, it takes hard work and dedication. And sometimes we just don’t feel like it. It’s frustrating and beyond annoying that we can’t get whatever we want, when we want it, without having to put in the work for it.

So on the days that we want to dig in our heels and demand that we get to ignore our minds, bodies, and souls in the name of doing whatever we want, we can sit easy knowing that those are the days that we are maintaining our efforts by relying on the small changes we have made thus far. When our bodies start to fight back, we are reminded that there’s a price to pay for the neglect and mistreatment so we get back on track fighting for the change we know will benefit and preserve our future selves.

Whatever it may be, the changes you have already made are significant and sometimes life calls for us to keep maintaining the changes we have already made without the guilt that we are not always changing something else.

On that note, ming+ming is converting our $10 individual classes to a monthly subscription model starting January 2022. This will support our community to maintain their weekly pauses, self check-ins, and guilt-free lazy self-care routines with little to no effort.

It’s a gentle reminder to keep showing up for ourselves because preserving our own health is a priority that we are happy to maintain (most of the time).

If you are still trying out our classes and finding your own unique weekly routine, there’s still time to buy $10 class passes for you to use at your convenience and at your own pace. Our $10 class passes will stay valid through next year so get them while they last.

Change is happening, and we are here to help you find the unique tools that work for you so you can start enjoying the life you work so hard to create.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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