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making space

Have you felt a shift in your priorities since COVID? (Is “shift” an understatement?)

Well, we have. But even though constant change has almost become “normal” in our everyday lives, it can still be really hard to implement that shift and break the familiar routine.

For some of us, we are overwhelmed and feel like we’re not working from home anymore, but rather sleeping at work.

For some of us, we have been laid off or had our hours reduced and forced to figure out how to pay the bills.

For some of us, we are now caregivers, teachers, therapists, housekeepers, AND ____________ (fill in your occupation).

And for some of us, we’re actually doing okay and grateful for that.

Wherever you may be, we know there is a constant shift in these unprecedented times for all of us.

What we’ve found is that making space for ourselves is the hardest thing to do when it’s more familiar to put energy towards the kids, work, gardening, crafting, baking, redecorating, and pretty much anything else that can be a distraction for true self-reflection.

But maybe consider scheduling an hour, a half-hour, or just 5 breaths and check in with your body and your spirit each day. Making space to reflect and renew is literally a life-saver. It allows us to quiet the noise around us and hear our inner voice. It reminds us of our talents and our ability to adapt. It gives us hindsight to feel pride in how resilient we really are.

When the world is filled with so much uncertainty, the space and time you give yourself is an investment with proven results. You won't regret it.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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