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ming+ming class recordings - showing up when it works for you

I had all the excuses in the world as to why I couldn’t make it to class. Mostly it was the excuse of having to take care of someone because frankly that was easier than having to take care of myself. Showing up is HARD, and sometimes I cannot make it to class because in reality, I do have to take care of others and it’s a role that defines me and one that I love. But even though others depend on me, taking care of myself is what gives me the energy, time, and strength to take care of others so it’s important that I don’t ignore my own needs. When life does get in the way, I am able to give myself the pause I need with one of the ming+ming class recordings. It’s already included in the price of the class because we know that showing up all the time isn’t a realistic goal but making the effort to show up most of the time is the secret to success.

With love,


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