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ming+ming's story

We created ming+ming for ourselves. It was birthed out of desperation, confusion and feeling lost… and here’s our story.

Ming-Cee’s physical exhaustion had finally caught up with her and the facade of holding everything together was beginning to crumble. She had lost the ability to hear her own voice, and didn’t believe she had the power to heal herself. It was terrifying to consider the inevitable decision between maintaining the status quo or changing life-long habits.

At the same time, Ming-Wai was living the hustle of a busy working mom when her son’s preschool teacher insisted that he had ADHD. It just didn’t feel right and it was the catalyst for Ming-Wai to start trusting her intuition, acting on that intuition, and learning about alternative healing.

Little did we know that the seemingly independent struggles that we were dealing with would bring us together.

As Ming-Wai was learning reiki and struggling with her negative reel, Ming-Cee was in a dark place trying to find her footing. She knew that changes needed to happen but felt utter confusion on where to start first. She was stuck, afraid to move in any direction, frozen by the fear that nothing would change even if she put in the hard work. She felt like she was too far gone.

One of the first times Ming-Wai practiced reiki on Ming-Cee, the effects were subtle at first but effective. This was all very new at the time and the messages were single line statements with no explanations and Ming-Wai was questioning if they were actual messages or just random thoughts. But when Ming-Cee received the messages, it would strike her in the depths of her being, at the root cause of her reactions, her decisions, her emotional outburst, and she knew deep down, it spoke to the source of her stuckness.

One of these profound messages was: “You are as amazing as you think you are.” A simple message, so simple that Ming-Wai almost didn’t share, but that brought tears to Ming-Cee’s eyes and stayed with her for weeks. Ming-Cee didn’t fully understand the meaning at first and spent days internally breaking it down--finally asking herself: “Do you even think you’re amazing?”

At that point in time, Ming-Cee didn’t know the answer to that question and this was one of the breakthrough moments of her healing journey. She realized that a fundamental and crucial first step to having the courage and strength to truly change is realizing the immense importance of how we feel about ourselves impacts how we speak to ourselves.

The more Ming-Wai practiced on family and friends, it became clear that she had a natural aptitude for healing, teaching, and coaching. In addition to being a meditation coach and reiki practitioner, she signed up for a 200-hour yoga teacher training to learn more about yoga as a personal healing tool.

To help her little sister, Ming-Wai offered Ming-Cee a weekly yoga class to get her take a pause in her day and help her body feel better. It was on Wednesday nights at 8pm eastern / 5pm pacific on computer screens across the country and curated just for her. All Ming-Cee had to do was show up.

A lot has changed since the practice reiki sessions and sister yoga classes, but this is still the core of ming+ming… it all started because we needed it. We discovered that healing is not a journey with a single destination but it’s a lifelong adventure. Challenges will never cease, perspectives will continue to shift, and time waits for nobody.

In other words, life is hard so we need tools to help find ourselves so we can define our own wellness and live by it. ming+ming was created to do just that. A single platform where you can discover the unique combination of tools that work for you so you can streamline your wellness and start enjoying the life you work so hard to create.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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