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need a refill?

The exact thing that drives us to be more productive is exactly what is leading us to complete burnout and addicted to a lifestyle that leaves us feeling empty, unfulfilled, distracted, inadequate and continually disappointed... even though it looks like we “have it all.”

The answers we’re looking for are not in a pill bottle, at the end of a self help book, in a deck of tarot cards, or even in these newsletters. Nope. The answers we are looking for are not easy, quick, one-stop solutions given to us by someone else. That’s actually where the misconception lies.

The key to healing ourselves is slowing down, resting, preserving, and pausing. It’s the answer to how to be patient, empathetic, present, grateful, allowing us to actually enjoy our lives, celebrating our achievements, and experiencing relationships by deeply connecting with the people around us.

As we become further and further consumed by our fast-paced, instant gratification, constant grinding and burnout societal expectations, we expect quick fixes to match our rushed lives.

It’s this way of thinking that keeps us from helping ourselves, leaving us frustrated, confused, hopeless, anxious and depressed.

But then WHY won’t we give ourselves the permission to rest? To slow down and connect with ourselves? When we recognize our fight against change and our rigid definition of grind culture that we just cannot seem to let go of, we can finally take the first steps to changing our perspective and to loosen our grip on what we “should do.”

It’s not our fault that we have found ourselves in this mess. The advancement in technology, the vast amount of shared information that is at our fingertips has never happened in the history of humanity before. It’s not something that we know how to navigate, to accommodate, or have tools to counterbalance and recalibrate.

We are just beginning to see the destructive byproduct of constant consumption, “I’ll sleep when I die” mentality, 24-hour news streams driven by capitalism and the misconception that more is always better.

Since we have only grown up knowing this definition of drive, it’s uncomfortable to give ourselves the permission to lay down, take a nap, rest our eyes, or just sit quietly without intentional distractions.

A tool that resonated with both of us is: For the Wild Podcast-Tricia Hersey on Rest as Resistance (episode 185). This podcast helped us understand WHY we fight so hard against rest and it’s also helped us understand HOW we can help ourselves, solve our own problems with creative solutions, and truly enjoy our lives. It’s only in the quietness when we pause from the grind of life that we can reconnect with ourselves and support what it is that we really need.

If you have known deep down that it’s rest that you really need but cannot seem to give yourself the permission to let go, then check out this podcast on our tools page. You can then join us for one of our classes designed to hold space and ease you into the pause that you are looking for.

Unfortunately, the answers we are looking for are not quick and easy. The pills, books, podcasts, and even our newsletters are tools that can help but remember, sustainable change is never a one-time purchase with a lifetime guarantee.

Come join us for guided pauses to help you discover the best ways to invest your energy. It’s amazing what an hour or two pause each week can give you. Let us support you in enjoying the life you work so hard to create.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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