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So Gullible

People think meditation makes you gullible, but it’s actually stress that makes you gullible. Stress makes you crave french fries, cookies, and wine. Stress makes you come up with important-sounding excuses about why you can’t exercise. Stress makes you think the reason you’re tossing and turning at night is because you don’t have the right mattress. Stress keeps you locked in codependent relationships with emotionally unavailable partners. Stress makes you say and do foolish things that you have to apologize for later. Stress even makes you think you are incapable of meditating (because your mind is too busy).

Meanwhile, meditation makes you bold. Meditation makes it really hard to put up with someone else’s B.S. Meditation makes it almost impossible to remain at a dead-end job or in a bad relationship. Meditation makes you stand up for others and follow your heart with no fallback plan. Meditation allows you to be guided by your intuition instead of your fear. Mediation helps you accept others and let go of the need to control. Meditation helps you sleep like a baby, even though you don't have it all figured out.

by Light Watkins

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Sometimes the change we are waiting for is a small shift in our perspective. This crack in our limiting beliefs is just enough to create a pause – a flinch even – to make us question: “maybe there’s another way?,” “maybe I don’t have to feel like this,” and “maybe…just, maybe.”

Hopefully, this curiosity leads us to search for deeper understanding in our why, and those answers will eventually gift us the clarity and the confidence to take action where it truly serves us best.

Maybe, if we think of meditation as a tool we should use to treat symptoms caused by stresses in our lives instead of just “living” with it, then we might be persuaded to try it for the first time.

Maybe, if we talk about meditation as a skill that needs to be practiced instead of believing it’s a natural ability for a select few, then we might realize that we are not bad at it and can try it again.

Maybe, if we understand how difficult it is to meditate instead of thinking it’s a quick and easy suggestion from a therapist or a social media influencer, then we might be willing to commit to the practice instead of feeling like we’re “just not good enough.”

At ming+ming, our meditation class is not only a relaxing pause each week, but we are also offering training and guidance on how to use this incredible tool to better understand and effectively deal with our daily stresses.

The tool of meditation has taught us how to breathe, take a step back, trust ourselves again, make decisions with confidence and less “what ifs”. We are better at listening to others' opinions without taking them too personally, we have an easier time prioritizing ourselves (guilt free), we are able to forgive ourselves as well as forgive others. We have noticed we are enjoying our lives more, grateful for what we have, and less concerned about what we don’t.

We both benefit from our meditation practice in more ways than we ever imagined. We now want to show up to class to strengthen our skills as we have experienced the many benefits of dealing with our stresses instead of masking them.

Sometimes we want change but we just don’t know where to start. Other times we want change but can’t seem to find that deeper motivation to stay on track. That’s okay. Sign up for our classes through our subscription model to make it easy to keep showing up for yourself. We will guide you through the practice of meditation, help you find what methods are most effective for you and help you become skillful at using this life-long tool.

We guarantee if you keep showing up, you too will be less stressed and less gullible.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

ming+ming has given me a totally new way of viewing things in my life, and the yoga, meditation and new 'pod' have enabled me to address long-held patterns." - Elizabeth W.

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