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podcast on how embracing curiosity leads to your purpose

I've always been a curious being. I just like understanding how things work or why decisions were made and I just keep digging until it makes sense to me. That's why this rich roll podcast spoke to me.

The idea that our curiosity is connected to our intuition to help us move forward towards our purpose blew my mind. It made so much sense! When I follow my curiosity, I get excited, I get energized, I won't quit until I'm satisfied... and isn't that how we're supposed to feel when we find our why and start living our purpose? I think so.

Both he and Rich are avid meditators and even though my meditation style isn't exactly like theirs, it was a beautiful reminder WHY meditation is so powerful and necessary when we are committed to enjoying the life we work so hard to create.

After listening to this podcast, I ordered his book Knowing Where to Look and there are some gems in here. The book is made up of short stories (many of them a page long) so this is a great book for keeping on your nightstand or coffee table so you can flip through to find a dose of inspiration when you need it.

With love,




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