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step 11: discover + repeat

Step 11 may be the final step on How To Change Your Life but it won’t be the final step in your wellness journey. Why? Because life never stops dishing it out.

The sooner we can shift our perspectives in believing that the ups and downs to life aren't just a phase but instead integral opportunities for growth, we can then begin to set realistic expectations and start to truly help ourselves.

What we have both discovered in our unique and individual growth journeys is that our struggles, our doubts, our anxieties, and the quality of our relationships all lead back to one place: rediscovering who we are.

No matter how many others are to blame, no matter how unfair life seems, the answers are always within us. And though we know better now, we can still find ourselves waiting for answers to come from somewhere or someone else. We wait frustrated, impatiently and annoyed until we’re reminded that we already have a few tools we know that work.

We know that personal growth journeys have layers upon layers to unfold. And the thought of changing one aspect of our lives only to have to change another, can be so overwhelming it leaves us debilitated and stuck. However, if we are brave enough to face our fears and address our struggles one step at a time, we will see the changes that we’ve been so desperately seeking.

And since our growth journeys are filled with complexities, and uncomfortable moments that demand our perseverance and grit, ming+ming guides you through step by step. At ming+ming we give you deeper understanding and clarity around your stuckness with our 11 steps so you know where to start.

Our list of tools meet you where you’re at so you can focus your precious time, money and energy where you’ll see the best results. And our community in our weekly classes remind you that you are not struggling alone.

The intentional design to our 11 steps allows you to wash, rinse and repeat on your personal growth journey. It accommodates for life’s harsh twists and turns, and it factors in that everyone has their own personal struggles to overcome. When we get off track and fall back into old habits, we are able to find our footing much quicker.

Eventually, as you continue to invest your precious time and energy into the 11 steps, you will find yourself moving through a combination of steps at one time. You’ll discover where the stuckness lies and use the tools you know will get you moving forward again. You will find that the journey becomes less strenuous, and less confusing, allowing you to get yourself unstuck faster.

Life is never going to stop dishing it out. It’s just the way life is. But our 11 steps allow you to navigate through with more ease and more confidence. If you have been looking for sustainable change in your life but confused on where to start or terrified of the hard work ahead, come discover our 11 steps. We will guide you through with clarity and allow you to discover the tools that will work best for you. Because at ming+ming, we believe you deserve to enjoy the life you work so hard to create.

What step are you on?

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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