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stop chasing the white rabbit

When our fast-paced world came to a screeching halt earlier this year, it forced us to stop and reassess.  We used to have a clear direction, a plan, a purpose.  It’s what we had been working towards all these years.  However, this unexpected pause gave us time to reflect on if we were still working towards the “right” plan that used to seem so logical.

Our lives in 2020 feel a lot like we're in Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes things seem to make sense and we’re confidently marching forward, and then something happens and we start questioning what we thought made sense but now it doesn’t anymore. 

When seeking guidance, we regularly come across the phrase: “You do you!” 

OK, sounds great!  That’s catchy and simple enough. When do we start? 

But if we are really honest, the simplest question may also be the scariest: Who are YOU?  The harsh truth is that you can’t do You if you don’t know You. 

It’s not easy. Chances are you’ll be like us and need to break through your ego to rediscover this identity. It’s likely that you’ll navigate through sticky, loaded emotions and there will probably be discomfort and lots of tears. Your negative reel will ask you what happens if you don’t like the “new” You? Or even scarier… if your loved ones don’t like this “new” You? And dare we go even further and wonder… what if the “new” You doesn’t connect in the same way to our loved ones anymore? 

But fortunately that real fear didn’t stop us from diving deep and asking: What do we truly need? What brings us joy? When do we feel the most balanced? What do we need to feel complete?

It took some time and a lot of energy, but eventually we got to a place where we could confidently answer those questions. And we continue to ask them regularly to check in with ourselves. 

It’s been our experience that the only way to actually live that “you do you” life (and not just act that life) is to invest in yourself, be true with yourself, and trust that the work will pay off. And we think that when you get a taste of that freedom and confidence, the rituals and the work will be something that you come back to again and again.  

Remember, these are simple questions but there are no easy answers when it comes to self-healing. It’s possible that the right answer may be wrong for you, but then a moment later it can feel right. Our world is dynamic, complicated, beautiful, and wondrous… just like ourselves. It takes time and energy to dive deep and get reacquainted with all the wonderful layers that make you uniquely YOU.

Taking time to rediscover yourself and ultimately loving your true self is the best way we’ve found to navigate these challenging times. Just as Alice had no choice but to move forward and experience all the confusing, weird, scary, funny, and fabulous characters on her journey, we too are living in our own version of Wonderland.

The good news is that we are here to help each other. And we won’t be giving you a bunch of silly riddles to get you started on your own journey.  If you are still nervous to take the first step, then come along and follow us on our journey. Then when you’re ready, we’ll help you down that rabbit hole.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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