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take a sick day, take a me day

It's almost cruel and unusual that when I was the most burned out, it was the most difficult for me to take time off work. I felt so much responsibility and had no energy to do it, but felt obligated to get the work done with little regard to what my body was telling me. Once I recognized my negative reel, checked my ego, and reminded myself of my why, my first step was to take a sick day.

I took my sick day to explore a little spa town 90 minutes away from DC - I made a reservation to soak in the hot spring bath, grabbed lunch, and explored the local shops. I reacquainted myself with ME! It was weird not having to remember to pack snacks in my purse, consider others when putting on music in the car, or checking the time to call into a meeting. It was actually difficult to just ask myself what I wanted and needed because I was out of practice and disconnected with my true self.

Years later, I'm in a much better place but I still take a "me day" several times a year to check in with where I am and where I'm going. This was a difficult first step at the time but now it's something I come back to again and again to check in and to reset.

With love,


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