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The Mel Robbins Podcast

This podcast does a great job of breaking down WHY I feel imbalance though I try so hard at my life. To please others, to do things to the best of my ability, to be the best person I know how, yet still feeling off, exhausted and not really enjoying the life I am working so hard to create.

"Does the state of your life internally or externally fall short of what you imagined? Did you obtain what you thought you wanted, only to discover that you still feel empty and unfulfilled? Do you have sense of powerlessness or hopelessness? Do you lack the energy or motivation to peruse the things that use to matter to you? Do you feel there are no works to capture the ache in your heart? Do you find yourself crying often or does it seem impossible to cry?"

If you resonate with any of those questions, this podcast will help you understand these feelings and suggestions on what to do.

This podcast helps support my journey going from awareness to behavioral changes especially in the realm of being a people pleaser and/or a perfectionist.

"You are so much more than a highway for other people to get where they're going. With Dr. Thema's wisdom and tactics, you'll reconnect with yourself and take the wheel on your own incredible journey" --Mel Robbins

Other topics she touches on: breath, grounding, slowing down, inner knowing, self trust

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