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squeezing in daily mindfulness with tibetan singing bowls

Singing bowls are a beautiful and portable tool for me to show up for my meditation - especially on the days where my mind is racing and I don't feel like slowing down (but probably need it most of all).

In ming+ming mediation class, we frequently remind each other that finding time for just 5 breaths counts as meditation. But some days, it's just easier for me to listen to something external than find the motivation to be mindful internally even for only 5 breaths.

Keeping my Tibetan singing bowls out on my coffee table or bookshelf is an easy way for me to show up for my daily mindfulness practice. I am reminded to take a pause, listen to the sound, feel the vibration in my body, and take my deep breaths. It only takes a few minutes and I always feel calmer and my negative reel is quieted down. BONUS: You can't do it wrong, as you can see in this The Ohm Store blog I was featured in.

Explore their site and get 10% off with the code: MING10. My absolute go-to bowl is the large Ancient Self bowl, but all their bowls are beautiful and healing.

With love,


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