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we need change now

Things are heavy right now and it feels like it’s just getting worse. We’re still living through a global pandemic that has killed millions and it just keeps coming: mass shootings, war, unprecedented wildfires, hate crimes, inflation, intensifying storms, backpedaling on women’s rights. If you’re not depressed, frustrated, or stressed out, you’re not living on our planet right now.

The 24-hour news cycle only highlights how far humanity still has to go. We are constantly being reminded that people are choosing pain, destruction, disrespect, shame, fear, and entitlement over healing, growth, respect, connection, understanding, and compassion. The pain and suffering is incessant and something needs to change now. We both have been confused, overwhelmed and lost on where to start focusing our attention only to be distracted by the next devastating news report.

It seems damn near impossible to let it flow + to let this shit go.

With all that is happening, we remind ourselves that the biggest impact for change starts within. The lack of understanding, compassion and love for others stems from a lack of understanding, compassion and love for ourselves. How do we show kindness, forgiveness and a willingness to work towards a solution if we don’t have the ability to do the same for ourselves? How do we release the harsh judgment of others if we cannot let go of the shame of our own past, poor decisions, and regrettable actions. We cannot give compassion to others without giving compassion first to ourselves.

From cringe-worthy moments that pop up randomly in our heads to the repetitive analysis of past memories and wishing we had done things differently, we have endless excuses as to why we are unable to let go and forgive ourselves for our mistakes and unflattering past decisions. This baggage of shame and critical self-judgment takes up mental and emotional real estate leaving us with limited space to take on anything else.

The pain and suffering in the world may actually be too big for most of us to face head on, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the capability to create impactful change. Learning how to identify and release emotional baggage within ourselves allows us to address old wounds and truly let shit go. This increases our capacity to put energy towards the change that we want to see in the world.

None of this is easy. To learn how to let shit go and live a life of flow is a difficult process. Placing blame, pointing fingers, and critiquing the flaws in others is way easier to do, but it will not result in the sustainable, meaningful change that you’re looking for. If we really want to make a difference, addressing the root cause of what is holding us back from healing, improving and growing into a healthier version of ourselves is what will eventually allow us to help others and heal the world.

Our 11 steps to change your life is designed specifically so you can understand the process of change without feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. Our tools give you a place to start when you’re ready to let go of the emotional baggage. We have created this personal growth platform to help guide you through the hard work, the challenging times, and uncomfortable feelings. Our coaching sessions, on-line classes and ming+ming community will provide you with the support you need to truly let shit go and start living a life of flow (even with all the craziness happening around us).

These days, tragedy seems to be everywhere we look. We can barely catch our breaths from one horrific incident to the next. Exhausted from the constant disappointment, devastation, and destruction in the last few years, life has left us feeling defeated, lost, discouraged and ready to give up. However, during these difficult times we encourage you to place your limited resources towards yourself. At ming+ming, we believe the biggest impact for change starts from within and right now we need to embody the positive change we want to see more than ever.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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