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you are not alone

It seems today that most of us are feeling like we are at full capacity and there is no more of our time, money or energy to invest back into ourselves. We are overwhelmed with the state of the world, the wellbeing of the ones closest to us, and it’s exhausting knowing there’s only so much we can do. If you feel like the pressure to maintain your status quo is at the expense of actually enjoying your life, then know you are not alone.

We get it. We were there once… hell, we’re still working through it. But we can say that things are much better after learning how to focus on just one change at a time.

The effort it takes to just keep our heads above water can make us believe there isn’t any room for change in our lives. The work it takes to discover how we can help improve our situation may seem impossible with our limited resources.

But we are here to tell you, the hard work it takes to change will actually clear up your schedule, give you clarity in your thoughts and ease uncomfortable emotions. The hardest part is showing up consistently. So if you are ready for change in your life, but don’t quite believe that it’s possible, then let us help you focus the precious remaining time, money, and energy you do have.

If you are able to clear room in your schedule for one change, we suggest finding time to attend our online classes and nothing more. Showing up consistently for even just one class a week will help you start to see positive changes to your life that you may once have thought impossible.

We get that your time is precious and sometimes it feels like we can’t even squeeze 5 deep breaths into our schedule, let alone an hour-long class. But the benefit that you will receive from consistently showing up for yourself will make a significant difference in creating more room to invest back into yourself. Once you are able to dedicate even a little amount of time into nurturing yourself, you will start to experience a shift, subtle at first, but still a shift from survival mode towards living with purpose.

Why our classes work is because they are specifically designed with the intention to give us exactly what we are missing from our lives – ease.

There are so many ways we push and drive ourselves to show up for everyone we love around us. And on top of that, we push and drive ourselves to stay looking good while taking on the world. And that constant achievement-oriented thought process has provided us with success and it’s not something we want to get rid of. But as we polished our skills to compete in this grind culture, we overlooked the skills we need to pause, regenerate, and remind ourselves of who we are (despite how we show up for everyone else).

Like most things in life, it’s not all or none. It’s something in between. Our classes are designed to give you back the pause you need to have the energy to continue pushing in the direction that really matters the most to you.

The benefits to taking our classes online is that you can log-on and start your practice immediately. There’s no need to add extra time for driving, parking or setting up. Need to leave early? No problem since you can do a recording later. Finally got your body to unwind? We will log you out to get that extra down time your body’s been craving. Love that community vibe? Stay on and chat after class.

By taking the class in the privacy of your own home it allows you to deeply connect with yourself and your body without the distractions of others around you. Feel the freedom of exploring the practice of yoga and meditation at your own pace without judgment or being worried if you’re doing it “right.” Come and find your personal practice in the comfort of your own home.

And finally, come meet people who feel the same way: overwhelmed, burnt out, frustrated, and confused on where to start. Take the first step and come to our classes knowing that when you show up, you’re going in the right direction and you are not alone.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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