you can't change what you don't know

We have gotten to the point where we know we’re out of touch with ourselves. We spend time regretting reactions, replaying incidents over in our minds, and wonder if we were “good enough” all while holding down the household, getting high performance reviews at our jobs, and getting compliments from others with the occasional “I don’t know how you do it all!”

We can live in a world where being imbalanced is comfortable, because we have familiarized ourselves with the drops, twists and turns of the rollercoaster ride we call life. But does it have to be this way? What if we wanted to get off the ride and start being the driver of our own life?

The problem is that we sometimes get stuck in the discomfort of our own routines.

When we are ready for change, the disruption can be so confusing and uncomfortable that we settle right back into our “everything’s okay” comfort zone.

We may be telling ourselves “things aren’t that bad!” but maybe what we’re really saying is “I’m working so hard to create this beautiful life but I feel too tired/stressed/annoyed/sad to enjoy it.”

Meditation, breathwork, yoga, therapy are all great suggestions but how do you know it will work for you? Plus, we live such jam-packed lives! When will we find the time to add more stuff to our already over-scheduled calendar?

If you feel this way, you’re not alone. We have been there too.

We talk a lot about first steps because making time and committing to something new is the hardest part. And before someone can commit to making a change, they must understand what it is they are committing to!

You may think that to benefit from meditation, you have to clear your mind for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or an hour. Not true! If you have a hard time quieting the chatter in your head for even a minute (or maybe a few seconds!!) then your meditation can be 5 deep, mindful breaths when you step into the shower. Yes, it does make a difference.

According to Cheryl Coon, Ph.D., restorative yoga will prime your nervous system for a restful night’s sleep afterwards.

Even showing up for a portion of class and doing one pose lying down for 20 minutes will give you tangible benefits! Join Cheryl Monday nights in June for FREE karma Yoga for Sleep (you don’t need to stay for the whole class and you get the recording emailed to you!)

Sometimes setting a high bar for our own wellness expectations prevents us from taking the first steps. We know it’s easy to be stuck from the very beginning and not even know it.

We will be continuing to break down restrictive ways of thinking about wellness that you might have thought you understood, but instead, have kept you confined to believing that these wellness tools aren’t for you because you’re too busy, your mind is too chattery, or you're too fucking exhausted.

Wellness comes in many shapes and sizes and we must find what unique combination works for us in whatever capacity fits into our individual lives. If not, it can leave us feeling like we are failures, not worthy, or just meant to be stuck. None of this is true and we are here to help.

Keep following along with us this month as we will help you reframe what wellness means to YOU, how it fits into your life, and how one small change can lead to another...and another...and another...allowing you to keep kicking ass in many aspects of your life, changing what isn’t working, and allowing you to ENJOY everything you’ve worked so hard to create.

Because you can’t change what you don’t know.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee