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your first steps

Have you ever tried something new, like a diet, workout, or fashion trend and found yourself with an unused Vitamix stored above the fridge, a Peloton draped with clothes, or a crop top you’ve never worn in the closet?

As cute as that crop top with high waisted jeans looks on someone else, it just might not be for you--and that’s okay! You know when something’s not the right fit and you’re allowed to say to yourself: “it’s not that I haven't tried hard enough, I now know that it’s just not for me.”

Now we encourage you to take a moment to ask yourself: “so what does work for me?”

Here at ming+ming, we share stories of our healing journey to help you discover your own. We also encourage members of our community to share their stories to help inspire others, but we know that your first steps are going to be different than ours or anyone else's.

The problem with emulating other people’s steps is that they might not be the right first steps for you. This will leave you spinning your wheels and wondering why you aren’t seeing more progress. Getting frustrated, annoyed, and even feeling like a failure can all be by-products of walking in someone else's footsteps instead of finding your own first steps.

So what are YOUR first steps towards the change you want to make?

There is a simple answer (keep reading until the end) but we know it’s not an easy road and it takes a lot of trial and error at first. And honestly, finding out what isn’t for you is a very important step to determining where to begin.

We also know you’re busy and self-discovery is a time-consuming process. We created ming+ming to streamline wellness because you deserve to enjoy the life you work so hard to create. Explore the tools that work for us so you can add them to your wellness toolbox (or check the “not for me” box). Show up for one of our classes or do the recording at your convenience. Sign up for our Do What-Cha Want workshop on Saturday, June 5th from 1-3pm eastern, to hone in on those first steps that will allow you to easily say "yes!" to the things that give you energy and "no thanks" to the things that give you anxiety.

In our workshop, we will guide you step-by-step to align your decisions with your core values using meditation and journaling. Learning to invest in what truly matters, and letting go of what doesn’t, will fast-track you to whittling down the right first steps for YOU!

So if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels or feeling frustrated with your wellness routine and need a little push in the right direction, we’re here for you.

Your very first step is just showing up.

With love,

Ming-Wai and Ming-Cee



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