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acupuncture is woo-woo + it works

Because we were raised in an Asian household, we were introduced to acupuncture at a young age and continue to use it now. What I have discovered over many years of acupuncture is, just like any other health service, there is a range in quality of practitioners. I have had some acupuncturists with such incredible skill they were able to alleviate deep soft tissue pain that I suffered from for many years. Then I have had other acupuncturists relax me, like a massage, but the effects are more surface level and temporary.

If you have the privilege to do so, I would take the time to shop around and find an acupuncturist that fits best with your needs. I currently am utilizing my insurance through Kaiser who allows me acupuncture visits throughout the year for the price of my co-pay. The quality is not the best but it’s been a great tool and it’s affordable for where I am right now in my life.

With love,


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