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finding support with anti-fatigue mats

This tool is another recommendation from our physical therapist mother. She has been trying to shift our perspectives on giving our bodies the support they need now so we may experience longevity of the highest quality later. She has always said that we don’t have to wait for our bodies to scream at us in pain before we provide them with a tool to support our daily demands. It's finally sinking in, mom!

As a stay-at-home mom to young children and as someone who enjoys cooking as a way of showing her love, I’m in the kitchen a lot. From daily chores like doing the dishes to preparing weekly meals, I find myself standing on our hard tile floors often. And though I’ve used anti-fatigue mats before and know the benefits it provides my body, when I redid my kitchen I was stuck in a world of vanity over comfort. Luckily I found an anti-fatigue mat that supports my needs and looks great! The Standing Matt from House of Noa delivers the best of both worlds.

With love,


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