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how I learned to love orthotics

Ever since I can remember, our physical therapist mother has put emphasis on taking care of our feet. Our feet are what supports the rest of our bodies day in and day out. Neck pain, back pain, headaches and other aches can all stem from not giving our feet the support they need.

Though it took persistent nagging from our mother, I now see the immense benefits of taking care of how my body feels when I’m on my feet. From the ego hit I took when deciding I couldn’t wear high heels anymore to the cost and annoyance of purchasing orthotics for every shoe I own, this part of my journey has been a real struggle (and sometimes continues to be).

The best quality orthotic I’ve invested into is Foot Karma. The orthotics have been designed and created by Pediatrist Eric Hubbard and his wife Millie Hubbard, RN, BSN and Public Health Nurse. These orthotics were created out of necessity, to provide their patients an orthotic that was comfortable and one they would actually wear. They even have orthotics that will fit into high heels for those of you who are not willing to give up those long legs quite yet. I appreciate that “Take care of your feet now so they can take care of you later” is written front and center on their packaging. Check them out:

If you are looking for less expensive options you can try Dr. Scholl’s custom fit orthotics. There are kiosks that will determine which Dr. Scholl’s orthotics will best support your needs. Find a kiosk here.

And when in doubt, listen to your body. Going to see a Podiatrist for additional information and support what’s best for you.

With love, Ming-Cee

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